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Rotator Repairs



Rotator Repairs and Rates


The hy-gain rotator non-warranty repair rate is $70 per hour, plus any parts required, plus shipping.

Average repair ticket total:

    CD/AR series $125-150

    Ham series $125-175

    T2X $150-200

    HDR-300 $200-300

    AlfaSpid $100-200

Control box only $60-100

    Inspection onlyl $30 plus return shipping.

Repair normally includes a complete overhaul, strip down and wash.  Also includes inspection, lubrication, and rewiring as necessary.

Repairs received are prepaid shipping only, no COD.  Include a note detailing problems and/or modifications and upgrades.  Include your daytime phone number to contact you as necessary.  Payment includes standard credit and debit cards, and personal checks, or, COD $13.50.

All repairs are warrantied for 45 days.

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