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10-BAND HF/VHF 80-2M MOBILE ANT, 200W, 3/8-24 STUB

$ 69.96 Each

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MFJ 10-band HF/VHF Mobile Antenna

Operate 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12, 10 Meters HF mobile and 6 and 2 Meters VHF with just one amazing antenna!

MFJ-1699 features low SWR and 200 Watts power handling for a super-performing mobile HF/VHF antenna.

Changing bands is super-easy -- just change the tap on the “wander-lead” to the next band you want to explore.

Maximum height is 65”.

The PL-259 or 3/8-24 connector makes it easy to mount on any type of lip, trunk, magnet or pipe type mount.

Order MFJ-1699S with PL-259.
Order MFJ-1699T with 3/8-24 stub.

MOUNT, 5~ MAG, 3/8
Only $15.95!

1.8-225, 350-540 M
Only $24.95!

TUNER, 300W, 1.8-3
Only $189.95!

Only $89.95!

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