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$ 12.95 Each

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You can`t get out because your handheld and rubber duck radiates poorly in your automobile.

You dont want to put a big antenna on your car and broadcast that you have an expensive mobile transceiver in your automobile.

....Plop an MFJ UltraLite mobile magnet mount antenna on your car, greatly extend your range...and pull it off when you park you car and take away the thiefs advantage to pick victims with antennas.

You eliminate the shielding of your car and MFJs full length radiator gives you significant gain over your rubber duck.
The results? Talk to where you couldnt before.
The MFJ UltraLites including 0 feet of coax, weigh less than 2 ounces -- youll take them everywhere. On trips, camping, etc.

Built rugged for mobile use. Each has a tiny but powerful 1 ⅛" diameter rare earth magnet and a thin 20 inch stainless steel whip.

The whip easily bends and curves to fit any briefcase, travel bag or cars glove box -- hides the fact youve got an expensive mobile transceiver in your car.

Includes 9 feet of thin, flexible RG-174U coax with BNC connector easily snakes through a closed window or door. Lightweight cables makes it easy to use your HT. Free mobile adapter included.

Handles 50 Watts on 2 Meters. SWR typically less than 1.5. Sleek black finish blends with any vehicle.

Protect your car and mobile rig. You can quickly remove the MFJ UltraLite and stash it in your cars glove box -- no more invitation to steal your expensive rig.

Also see the similar dual band MFJ-1722.

Only $39.95!

Only $149.95!

ANT. SW., 4 POS.,
Only $79.95!

TUNER, HF+6M, 300W
Only $229.95!

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