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MFJ-198RC receives complete weather data information from three outdoor sensors. Thermo-Hygro sensor transmits a wireless 433 MHz frequency signal, or can be set up using a wired connection to base.

Included PC Interface; Wind Chill: Direction and Speed; Rain Data; Forecast w/Tendency; IN/OUT Temp; IN/OUT Humidity; Weather Alarms w/Storm Warning.

Records 175 sets of weather data history with "Heavy Weather" PC software. Upload weather data to your PC with easy COM port connection. Weather forecasting function with 3 weather icons, weather tendency indicator. Wireless outdoor temps (F or C), outdoor humidity (%RH), Monitors indoor temps (F or C), Monitors indoor humidity (%RH), Records MIN/MAX temps and MIN/MAX humidity with time and date of recording, Barometric air pressure (inHg or hPa), Records MIN/MAX barometric pressure with time and date or recording, Barometric pressure tendency arrow, Dew point (F or C), Records MIN/MAX dew point with time and date or recording.

Wind Direction with LCD Compass (numerical (e.g. 225) or abbreviated characters (e.g. SW), Wind speed (mph, km/h, or m/s, and Beaufort Scale), Records MIN/MAX wind speed with time and date of recording, Rainfall data (inches or millimeters): 1 hour, 24 hour, and total, Self-emptying Rain Bucket, Weather alarm modes for: temperature, humidity, wind chill, dew point, rainfall, wind speed & direction, air pressure, storm warning.

Atomic time/date with manual setting, Auto updates for Daylight Saving Time (on/off option), Perpetual calendar, Time zone setting, Alarm, EL backlight. Wall hang or free stand, AC adapter included, 12 / 24 hour time display, Calendar display (weekday, date, month, year), Transmission range up to 330 feet (100 meters).

Receiver: 7 " W x 7 " H x " D

Thermo: 3" W x 5 " H x 2 " D

Rain: 5 " W x 7" H x 2 " D

Wind: 9 " W x 10" H x 3 " D

Only $24.95!

BALUN, 1:1, 1.8-30
Only $24.95!

Only $39.95!

TUNER, HF+6M, 300W
Only $229.95!

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