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Mobile Transceiver Protector

MFJ-4402 protects your mobile rig from many unseen operating problems found in vehicles today.

A built-in surge protection diode reduces the chance a high voltage spike will damage your rig due to an alternator failure or jumping off from other vehicles, and it has reverse polarity protection.

Sagging voltages on your vehicle start-up can cause your radio to not power up correctly, to lose memory channels and possibly corrupting your service and set-up menus in your transceiver.

When your vehicle is shut off there are still many circuits that could have power on them, so issues like distorted audio, frequency shifting with modulation or no vehicle start-up can happen.

MFJ-4402 will cut your rig off if the voltage gets too low for proper vehicle operation.

A delay timer, which is controlled off of the ignition sense line insures that your rig doesn’t turn on until the vehicle starts up and a normal voltage is reached.

MFJ-4402 connects to your rig with AndersonPowerPolesTM for high-current lines and a bayonet lug to the ignition sense line. A 30A (maximum) fuse protects for over-current or reverse voltages.

Compact 2 ⅞" x 4" x 1 ½" fits nicely into your vehicle installation

3/8-24, DOUBLE T P
Only $19.95!

Only $39.95!

MOUNT, 5~ MAG, 3/8
Only $15.95!

Only $39.95!

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