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PVC CROSS LOOP KIT, 20-15M, FOR MFJ-933/935B/936B

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$ 29.95 Each

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The MFJ-57B PVC Cross Loop Antenna Kit includes a PVC Cross Mount that plugs into the cover of the Loop Tuner and a 13-ft insulated 10-gauge flexible loop wire with low resistance lugs. Place the 13-ft loop around the PVC Cross Mount and get ready for multi-band coverage.

The MFJ-57B PVC Cross Loop Antenna Kit is designed to operate from 10.100 – 14.350 MHz, and works most efficiently on 14.350 MHz. The loop can be tuned lower in frequency with some efficiency loss, depending on the loop shape and environment.

The PVC Cross Mount is 4 sections of ¾ inch PVC that measure only 26 inches in length and connect together in seconds using a PVC Cross Connector.

When assembled, the cross measures approximately 4-½ ft tall and 4-½ ft across. When disassembled and bundled together, the PVC sections only take up 2 inches x 2 inches x 26 inches of space.

Toss the MFJ-57B PVC Cross Loop Antenna Kit in your duffle bag or suitcase, and you’ll have a portable, easy to carry multi-band antenna for use with your Loop Tuners. You’ll be operational in less than five minutes!

Only $24.95!

1.8-225, 350-540 M
Only $24.95!

CLOCK, LCD 24/12 H
Only $21.95!

249/259 DIP COIL S
Only $24.95!

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