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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-1275.

From: Steve Adell KF2TI

Just a quick note, thanking your people for their help during the recent Dayton Hamvention.

So this Dayton I thought I\'d look into your 1275 sound card interface. I was concerned about \"daisychaining\" the 2 together through the microphone connections. Based on what your tech people told me, I not only bought the 1275, but bought your 1262 Mic switch to hook up my Heil GoldLine and Heil ProPlus headset.

All 3 units are tied together through the mic connections and work flawlessly. The 1262 mic switch is hooked into the 1275 sound card interface which is in-turn hooked into the 434 keyer.

My audio reports which were good before when only through the 434 are still excellent even when going through all 3 units. I kept the mic cords coiled as much as possible to reduce chances of their acting like antennae.

The 1275 works great. It was a tad confusing hooking up, but once done, I am on PSK31 and already have 100 contacts \"in the log\".

Again, my thanks to all the folks at the recent Dayton Hamvention. I am very pleased with my 2 MFJ purchases.

Steve Adell >> KF2TI

From: Steve Ford WB8IMY
Reviewed by Steve Ford, WB8IMY
QST Editor

The MFJ-1275 is a rugged, capable sound card interface. The dual input/output audio adjustments and sound-card audio channel switching are attractive features. The only thing it lacks is the ability to do FSK keying when used with RTTY software that supports FSK, but that is a minor deficiency.

For more, see QST Magazine, June 2002.

From: Lee WB7CYO
I have used one of these interfaces for more than 10 years. Prior to this I had a homebrew unit and this is so much nicer and lots of options. Comes with AC power supply, hookup audio cables etc. Good product at a good price. Thanks MFJ!

$39.95 each

BALUN, 1:1, 1.8-30MHZ, 1.5KW
$29.95 each

$229.95 each

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