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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-1279.

From: Jan van IJsseldijk PE5JAN
A good audio interface. I am using it for years already and no real problems had with it. When I start using this interface I need some assistance from MFJ for connecting it to the TS2000 and I have received very good assistance. The only thing what I have never had functioned was the sending enabler through the serial port. But now I know that this is not so easy possible with a TS 2000.

All my compliments to MFJ for the quality.

From: Marcel Livesay N5VU
I must admit, after 32+ years contesting on CW with a keyer, I am fully hooked on my MFJ-1279 for CW interfacing to my Yaesu FT-950. I am not a "Big Gun" contester, I'm simply a guy who has much MUCH fun hunting and pouncing. Other than the CW interfacing, I like PSK and SSTV. It's amazing how my "Look-up" count on QRZ increased every time I threw a picture into the air. I think I'll try RTTY next. My opinion of this unit is "Excellent." Mine is the eight pin round microphone connector which can be internally configured for most any 8-pin round application. 73 and Have a Digital Day! Marcel, N5VU

BALUN, 1:1, 1.8-30
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CLOCK, LCD 24/12 H
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