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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-1432.

From: Floyd Lenhart NZ7B
This is one fantastic antenna. I have had no disappointments since installing it on my car. It looks good also. You can't lose with this 144/440 mobile antenna.

From: Albert KF5CQJ
I purchased this RuffRider "Big John" for my mobile Rig. I researched Comet and Diamond for my 2 meter Yaesu, but for the amount of Gain (5db@2m) this antenna had both brands beat on performance and price. An being a dual bander I can upgrade my Yaesu to a 2meter/70cm later on and still have a superb antenna with its 7.2db gain on the 70cm bands. Awesome job MFJ Enterprises! I recommend this MFJ-1432 "Big John" for all Mobile Hams on the go! I live in rural Mississippi and have hit a Repeater station 100 miles away with the 65 watts my Rig puts out! Wow, what a difference from the Motorola Spectrum I replaced!
73's de KF5CQJ (Albert)

From: Hank AK0H
The Ruffrider(Big John) is the right antenna for the hills dales
and hollers of the Missouri Ozark woods. NMO or 239 and foldover are
great features.

From: Bob KB4RGC
This antenna is dynamite!! Never had a better mobile antenna.

From: Rob kc9ibs
Nice antenna i like this one AAA+++

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VHF DISCONE ANT, 25-1300 MHZ, SO-239
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DUMMY LOAD, 1.5 KW, 0-650 MHZ, DRY
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