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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-1620T.

From: Marc W1SMB
I love this antenna. I have it for portable use on a tripod with 1/4 wave radials. It easily tunes everything from 10-40 meters. I have made numerous DX contacts. Big bang for the buck, and such a small package!

From: avi shaham 4z5rk
I received the antenna last week. It took me 20 minutes to adjust it to 14.200 Mhz with an swr of 1:1 from 14 to 14.350. I Have made QSO's with Switzerland and Belgium with reports of 5/9 and 5/7. The antenna is mounted on a permanent mount connected to the motor hood. In short it works.

From: Ed Poccia KC2LM
Tuned (1.3 to 1) and with the use of four radials, mounted to a 15 foot painter's pole, I have been able to work amazing DX (55 countries in four months) on 20 meters PSK-31 and JT-65.

From: Fred n4phh
I purchased it at the Milton, FL hamfest. Using my new MFJ-226 I easily tuned it to 14.076. When I applied power the swr was 1:1 and my first signal report using JT65 was -1! A few minutes later I worked Europe; all from my parked pickup truck. GREAT ANTENNA! I have been using MFJ products for many years!!!!

$159.95 each

BALUN, 1:1, 1.8-30MHZ, 1.5KW
$24.95 each

$49.95 each

HF/VHF/UHF SWR ANALYZER, .530-230 MHZ,430-520
$429.95 each

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