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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-1622.

From: Robert Kuhn N8WNF

I wanted to let you know that your new MFJ 1622 Apartment Antenna is a wonderful product. I have it affixted to my balcony and have been able to make many contacts with my new HF rig. It was easily to install, is easy to use, and provides good coverage.

Many thanks, N8WNF - Warren, MI

From: Hans J. Meurer W2TO

Dear Mr. Jue;

I have been a ham radio operator for more than 60 years and for the last three decades have been active mostly in CW as W2To. I had the pleasure of shaking hands with you at Dayton a few times and always appreciated your good advice when I had questions about your fine equipment. I am now a proud owner of a dozen MFJ products which have given me outstanding performance.

I wish to share with you a moment to tell you HOW outstanding your products are. I have been spending with my life good many past Jan/Feb weeks in Maui, Hawaii and have operated from there QRP using a Tec-Tec rig, and MFJ-971 Antenna Tuner and a Mosley RV-3C(stuck in the sand at the beach) vertical antenna with outstanding results.

My wife and I will again go to Maui for 4 weeks in Jan/Feb. I intend to operate this time with a 100w Kenwood TS-50 xceiver from a 12-story high apartment, besides the beach. With that in mind, I ordered recently an MFJ-1622 antenna from you and tested it upon receipt on December 7/8, clamping it on my operating table in the 3rd floor shack and trying to get an SWR of 1:1 on all bands using the MFJ-971 tuner. I had no trouble to accomplish that and I am delighted to let you share the results:


As you see, your antenna is a quality product, as I well know all your products are. Please feel free to use this information in any form you like. With best wishes for 2003 and personal 73\'s,

Hans Meurer, W2TO

From: Sam KJ9A
I instaled antenna on my 3rd floor window and drop out couterpoise
and went to 20 meters.my first contact was EA1,second,SP2,third DJ3
reports are 589,579,559 with 100 watts. Antenna works.
thanks 73

I BOUGHT this whip in April of 2012. It was sold with borken coax, once that was repaired, I added a second radial, mounted on a 3ft tripod in apartment...
50 watts and very good results for the type of antenna it is. I do use a dentron super tuner with an earth ground with it. Works well on 40, will see about 30 and 20. I own a ten tec r4020 and when i get the qrp tuner to go with it, I'll try this out qrp. I have serious doubts...but it sure works well for my use...

good antenna simple easy to store...
thanks for a good antenna.. i might order the 8 foot whip but the 4.5 footer takes up a lot of room in the small apartment.can't have it out the window...
retirement housing. Some you know that issue..:)
I might look into the 1621 same price for portable work.
Well done for hiddden antednnas and letting a fella enjoy his hobby.
Thanks to the designer of this system.
Dennis wd9dwe. My only gripe is I'm 559 at 50 watts in Ohio or Illiois but for a whip at 3 feet you don't expect dipole performance. lol

From: Mark Cavaliere KJ6SCZ
I purchased this antenna to use in my apartment. I was a little skeptical at first that such a small antenna would perform. I just want to say, this antenna is outstanding. I run only 100W and I am able to reach to the midwest from Maryland. Once this antenna is properly tuned it performs great. Great job MFJ

From: Mark Cavaliere KJ6SCZ
I have completely underestimated the power of this antenna. For its size it is an exceptional antenna. I run only 100w's and have been DXing on SSB with amazing results. I live in Maryland about 100 miles from the east coast. Using this antenna I have been able to reach Moscow when propagation is excellent and eastern Europe regularly with propagation normal. For anyone who has limited space such as an apartment this antenna really works. I currently have it mounted indoors which is very convenient for me, I can retune it quickly and easily for which ever band I am working. I give this antenna a 10 out of 10. Thanks MFJ.

From: Bill Coyner KG7QIM
Takes 5 minutes to set up. Follow the the directions.I have made contacts in Georgia, Alaska, Japan, and Hawaii from the Seattle area on various HF bands. Thank you MFJ, for a great product!

From: Smiler
Not a bad buy, it's biggest failing is the wander lead clip ,
Far too flimsy will either wear or fall apart in a short time
Come on MFJ you can do better for the cost of this antenna

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