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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-1668.

From: Sam
I wanted to let you know that this past field day, there were 3 Screwdriver types antennas on our compound, two of them were from High Sierra and of course yours. The only one on the air was the MFJ with the SS Base plate. The other operators had to come by to see why I was on the air and they were not. During set up, they told me that MFJ stood for Mighty Fine Junk. But, when it came time to get on the air, I was the only and the High Sierras were not, I just laugh to myself. In my eyes MFJ stands for Made For Jealousy, the High Sierra owners sure were!!!

Keep up the great work!!!!!

From: marc f5rku
I only have a simple word about the mfj-1668 antenna: Greatest!
Express, easy to be installed, easily reglable in the millimetre meadows, and not very bulky. A simple threaded 3/8-24 connector makes it easy to replace the 10 foot telescopic element to the mobile 4.5 foot whip when wind survivability should be important.

It works very well from 7MHz to 54MHz with 3 x 5 inch MFJ mag mount without any extra ground connection. VSWR is below 1.5 in these band, however for 3.5MHz band, it needs an extra ground connection beside from capacitive coupling from 3 x 5 inch mag mount.

Most of the bands, the tuning range is narrow like 20KHz in 7Mhz band, but it is also a plus because the antenna works as a sharp front end filter of those expensive radios, which reduces nearby frequency interference.

DUMMY LOAD, 1.5 KW, 0-650 MHZ, DRY
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249/259 DIP COIL SET, 1.8-30 MHZ , 30-170 MHZ
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Only $24.95!

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