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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-1699S.

From: Charles Schroeder kc0dzd
I have owned this antenna for less than a week. It has a shorter whip than specified, but it works very well. My first contact was with a relay ham for the Pacific Maritime Net located in Arizona on 40 meters. I had my Yaesu 857D set at 25 watts.I live in Missouri. When I finished with him, net control in Oregon said that he had heard me too and that my signal was weak but readable. I had the top whip fully extended. I had a longer whip that was 38 inches long and slid it all the way down the lower antenna(about 10 inches). The top section of the whip was then about 28 and a quarter inches. I attached the coax from my mount to a small manual antenna tuner(MFJ 941c). I found I can tune all HF bands that the antenna covers with good swrs. This eliminates having to adjust the antenna length. I simply change the wander lead and use my tuner which is inside my truck. I also bought plastic screws with the rounded heads to plug the unused sockets on the antenna. I had to reduce the threads a little so the screws would pull out easier. I made two more contacts today in hard rain with my "tweaked" 1699s. At 50 watts I talked to a ham in Connecticut from my Missouri QTH and made a DX contact to Slovenia in Europe. I like this little antenna very much. I would recommend it to someone else. But, it works even better with a longer whip. I also found that it works well on two meters with no tuner and to my surprise, it worked on 444mhz with just a little smidgin of swr.

From: Byron K3OY
Adjusted the stringer to mid-point. Ran 30 Watts CW QSO(FT450D)from Mesa, AZ to Nicosia, Cypress 7185 miles - JT-65 to eastern Russia, central America and Australia, on 25 Watts. No external tuner, SWR 1:1.5. Held QSO with northern CA station with antenna on ground (heavy winds blew over the ground mounted tripod). Antenna at approximately 10 feet above ground with 4@ 25' radials.

Does it work? You bet.

$79.95 each

DUMMY LOAD, 1.5 KW, 1-650 MHZ, SO-239, DRY
$74.95 each

$49.95 each

COBWEB,HF,1/2 WAVE, 5-BD,10,12,15,17,20 M,300W
$219.95 each

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