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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-1699T.

From: Barry KD0ZK
MFJ-1699 is the Best mobile antenna I have owned in over 30 years, if you did not read the PDF about the antenna then you would not understand that . . . Yes it's required to set the length of the stinger and use the shorting wire. Both are easy to use. I have used it on the following bands: 29 Mhz, 28 Mhz, 14, 17, 20, 40, and 80! Works Great! High Bands are almost 100 KC spread, Low Bands are 50 KC spread. Pictures of installation on my QRZ ... happy new year
I also ordered from MFJ one extra cable and screws. KD0ZK

From: Erik Hokansson WA1YXV
I have been using this antenna for about a month and am impressed...made contacts on 10, 15, 17 and 20 meters throughout NA, SA and Europe ...tunes well downt to 40 meters..tunes okay to 80 meters but have not yet made contacts on 40 or 80 yet..the downside is for optimal swr you need(in addition to moving the clip)to actually adjust the whip length using a hex wrench(supplied) by a few inches for each band which is not practical unless you stay on one band. I have been using a ldg z100 autotuner and have not needed to adjust the whip length. Although it will work on a different band that the clip is is set to using the auto tuner, it works much better when the clip is on the correct band. Using the tuner when the clip is on the wrong band and using the tuner allows you to hear activity on any band and then move the clip if you need to make a contact.

From: freddy ab3li
this antenna works great in all band accept 80 and 40 swr seem to be at 2.0 min swr so i found that if you add a 10 inch shaft will improve swr to even lower.

$499.95 each

ANT, MAG MT, 2/6M, 5/8 WAVE, RG58 PL-259/BNC
$26.95 each

HF/VHF/UHF SWR ANALYZER, .530-230 MHZ,430-520
$429.95 each

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