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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-1700C.

From: Lasse K. Jaakola n7llg
I have this switch and it works well for me. The switch should have the markings of the antenna and transmitter on the face of the enclosure. The edge designations do not work well since you cannot see them if you have permanently attached the switch to the wall without removing the case from the wall, especially if the switch is located in a tight space like mine. Your instruction sheet should show the verbal designations on the sheet. The switch is well made and sturdy. Perhaps an idea of having a separate item to the wall the you slide the case into with side screws attaching the case to the backplate.

From: Joe
This is the greatest antenna switch I have ever seen. A 6 position-switch is usually much more sufficient for us in ham radio. This is a must-have!

From: Bob KG7HPO
This is a solid looking product but personally I would prefer the Teflon insulated connectors over the ones used. Second item would be to make the instructions easier to understand for new ham users. The current one page instruction sheet is as clear as MUD ! The block diagram is ok for many but there are still those who could use better clarity and better wiring diagram. Since this is in digital format and available for download, why not ad an extra page with a more detailed instruction set for connecting this switch. Since there are several different ways to wire this into a station, why not provide your customers / user with several different wiring Scenarios, so that they can retrieve this information from your website.

From: Dave Green VE3DGU
I have this switch and have connected the switch to three Rig's on two antennas to one Amp. Also an MFJ-989D tuner with two SWR Power Meters and an SM-220 Station Monitor. I drew out a flow chart or block diagram if you consider that a better term. Made up the patch jumpers and got it right on the first attempt. My 3 Rig's are all Kenwood and the Amp is an ALS-600 Ameritron Solid State. I will never go back to a Tube Amp. So back to the Switch. I still have 4 more Positions for Antennas So for me this Switch is a great option to an Automatic Antenna Switching unit With the 989D in line. Just more feed line but still a huge cost savings to an auto antenna switcher. So this Switch will leave you with more money to buy more toys. LOL. VE3DGU

$159.95 each

ANT, MAG MT, 2/6M, 5/8 WAVE, RG58 PL-259/BNC
$26.95 each

$769.95 each

HF/VHF/UHF SWR ANALYZER, .530-230 MHZ,430-520
$429.95 each

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