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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-1729.

From: Kevin KB0UZJ
I've had two MFJ-1729 for nearly 10 years now and have enjoyed both. One has been used prodominanty as part of a home made base station antenna, and the other as an as needed mobile antenna. Both have had very good SWR on both 2m and 70 cm.

Base station antenna: I used a round 10 gauge plate which the magnetic base stuck to, with four horizontal ground plane radiators welded to it's bottom, trimed to 19" from the center. After about 5 years in the S.D. environment, the paint on the magnetic base of this base antenna began getting bad, and started to show some light surface rust. I sanded it a little and used a spray can to put another coat of paint on it. It may need it again.

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1.8-225, 350-540 M
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