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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-1734.

From: Bob N8NQ
Although I haven't used the antenna on 70 cm yet, the 2 meter performance is as good as or better than expected. Drove a 1000-mile round trip with the antenna installed, and was favorably impressed by receiver signal reception as well as transmitted signal reports.
You may want to *thoroughly* pre-clean the glass surface prior to installation, on both sides, because the small alcohol pad provided is insufficient to do much with. Use it just prior to installation to remove any oils or fingerprints. Also - the rubber tip that was supplied for the end of the metal rod fitted loosely and was lost the first day. Make sure you leave enough room on the inside surface for the short counterpoise to fit against the glass. Also make sure the hex-headed mounting stud (actually a set screw) is nice and tight in the base; mine was loose, and tried to come out the first time I removed the rod.
I used a torpedo level and masking tape just prior to installation to find and mark horizontal on the window prior to installation. Antenna is nice and straight!
Other than those minor things - good antenna!

From: Rick KK8o
The antenna looks good and performs as well as my old Antenna Specialist model that went with my old car. One problem. No instructions and when I finally realized that I had to go on line to get the instalation instructions I found that they had no drawings or pictures to help. Over the years I have installed several of these type antennas but, without instructions, a new person will have difficulty and the ones made available could be made a little clearer.

From: Don Payne VO1XH
This is my second MFJ1734 Dual Band glass mount antenna.I was skeptical about using glass mounted antennas,but I found that these antennas performed as good as the 1/4 and 5/8 wave pemanantly mounted NMO antennas.The black whip and mount really look good against the dark tinted glass on my 2001 GMC Safari All Wheel Drive van. I mounted it on the left rear upper corner glass and it performs very well.I am very pleased with this antenna and I certainly recommend it to the amateur who does not want to drill holes in his or her vehicle and want high performance on 2m and 70cm bands. 73,Don, VO1XH

From: Beck K7IUI
Nice antenna, but no instructions! Was not sure what the small piece of wire was for, but found by surfing the Net that it was a radial. Still not sure which way to install. Also, no tuning instructions plus no tool as advertised, although a nonmagnetic screwdriver should work. Also, you might advise your Taiwan manufacturer how to spell cleansing. On the packaging, it is spelled clesning.

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