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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-1762.

From: Ken Neubeck WB2AMU

\"Overall, I was very impressed with the rugged and lightweight design of this antenna. It\'s ideal for a QRP effort in VHF contests, Field Day, and other portable operations. This antenna would be suitable for a rover effort in a VHF contest, but time has to be set aside for assembly at each stop as it takes about five minutes to pull all of the screws into the elements. For a permanent installation, though, this antenna will more than meet the demands of a rigorous environment. And, the MFJ-1762 is reasonably priced at $69.95.\"

See the full review in the December 1997 issue of CQ VHF.

From: Jay Lubliner k3jay
I've had this yagi now about 9 years. I bought a pair of them when they first came out. Our contest group uses them on boats, mountaintops, portable, everywhere you could imagine. They load up great even with the 75 ohm coax jumper, (needed to phase them) if we use it single. We had a pair of them exposed to sustained 98mph winds with 125mph gusts on Mt. Washington, NH even collecting ice on them in June! Sure they bend some but perform flawlessly. Flexible elements are a big plus like when they hit hotel balconies etc. A litle time consuming for the setup but marking them with colored tape helps keep it simple. Mark both the element ends and a stripe on the boom where they reside. Also is useful to mark which way the front points with a permanent marker arrow. Not much difference in element size. Otherwise it's been a contest proven performer.....

From: Ronald Laieski WA2FPR
Hello All,

Nice antenna. I have a limited spaced backyard, 50X100 with a 15 foot dogwood tree in the center of the yard. Put this yagi up in 5 minute on an aluminum mast at 30 feet. Featherweight antenna! I\'m Using a Radio Shack/Magnavox TX antenna rotator. The rotation is very smooth and accurate. The hairpin design makes matching easy. My advice is to follow the assembly instructions carefully. Yes, the hairpin connects directly to the boom with no insulators. I may also suggest that an RF balun be wound to the feed point as suggested on the manual. I used RG58 with 6 turns, and I later learned that the SWR decreased to 1:1 over the FM portion of that band as well. So, I didn\'t need to trim the elements! So, I have SSB, CW, FM, and AM capability at at a very forgiving low SWR. The antenna noise is low, and I found it to be quite directional as well. So, if you want an economical, yet light, and attractive yagi, the MFJ-1762 is for you, in my opinion. Oh yes, the antenna is very unobtrusive. You can hardly see it since the elements are thin, around 1/4 inch or less. The elements are not extrusion aluminum but hollowed with screw threads used to fasten them to the boom.

Note: Use the locktite as directed to secure the elements, especially, if you get high winds near a coastline.

From: Julius Daniels WD4NAL
Assembly was very easy. It took less than an hour to get the yagi up and operating. It is a lightweight but solid. I was impressed with the the matching assembly. It was very well cut an finished. If you follow the directions ie keep the feedline pigtail at 1.25" or suffer detuning the match is sound advice. Without tuning, I found the resonant frequency at 50.5 mhz. At 50 mhz swr was about 1.5 and lower throughout the SSB portion for which this antenna was cut.

I am glad that I bought this antenna, for it gives me a big punch on 6m without having to invest a ton of money. It is a solid performer.

$259.95 each

$159.95 each

DUMMY LOAD, 1.5 KW, 1-650 MHZ, SO-239, DRY
$74.95 each

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