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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-1772B.

From: Alan Beadle KC2TND
Like I suppose others must be, I am annoyed by the lack of an adequate description (As of the writing of this review, at least) of this antenna.

Don't get me wrong-this is really an excellent portable antenna, but I think that many of MFJ's products could use better descriptions.

My Description:
It's a FOLDED dipole with a resistor-matching network to achieve a near- 50-ohm match at the feedpoint. It does not have a balun built-in, and lacks provisions to connect a balanced feedline. I just use RG-58 and put 7 turns of a diameter of 5" near the feedpoint, and it works quite well.

I'm actually very happy with this antenna, but I wish MFJ were better about their online descriptions of products. I use this antenna with QRP power levels, and get excellent results.

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ANT. SW., 4 POS.,
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TUNER, 300W, 1.8-3
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