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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-1778.

From: Steven Watson WB4ILS

I have a 2 Meter mounted on a 20 foot mast on my chimney so I just took a piece of PVC pipe and made a stand off about 1 foot from the mast just below the rotator for the 2M antenna and hung the G5RV from that. Then stretched out the ends into two trees. This puts the actual antenna about 40 feet in the center down to an inverted V about 25 foot up on the ends. SWR using the tuner is at approx. 1.3:1 on all bands.

Now I can pull down my MA5B that lost a trap to lightning and still be able to stay on th air. The G5RV is working great, thanks for a great product.


From: Dave Litte AF5U
Just about anyone can build a wire antenna. But, it's not worth your time when you can buy this one. It is engineered excellent and will work as well as any G5RV out there. Mine is simply held up by trees above my house at 35-to-40 feet. It's not a beam but will catch DX. And, the best thing about it - it stays up and gives me no problems. I can't say that about some others that I have had. Why spend more for no more gain or excellence?

From: Hugh Gerald W5HAG
With antenna restrictions here, this fits my HF needs perfectly.I took three 10 ft sections of small mast pipe hooked together and ran the G5RV in a inverted vee up through a small oak tree behind my garage. Have gotten good reports from all over the country running less than 100 watts. Well worth the money..

From: Bill Coulson K7EKO
Ya know this antenna works great on all bands! Why home-brew a dipole when this one is constructed with all of the correct items and built well. Mine is up about 35 feet suspended between the trees but out in the open. The ladder line is 90 degrees from the horizontal top. My feed line is about 200 feet of LMR RG8. With just 100 watts I get out and work great DX. This is the best dipole I have ever owned.

From: Michael W5RKL
I have been using this antenna for a number of years. It has withstood cold winters, Oklahoma ice storms, and summer sun and heat. Initially I fed this antenna without the 10+ turn balun through a Drake MN-2000 tuner. It worked very well. However, after installing the balun, the antenna performance appears to have improved. Although the antenna is only up 20 feet at the center between two pine trees it performs quite well. This summer I hope to get it up higher which I'm sure will greatly improve the antenna's performance.

From: Rob W8REJ
This is a GREAT hunk-o-wire to hang in the trees!!
I put it up 40 ft above my house by myself in a little over a 1/2 hour, and I was on the air in less than 1 hour!

I have worked Chile, Italy, Croatia, Poland. Ireland, and Hawaii with very good signal reports. I work the OMISS WAS nets with great reports.

If your looking for a great no-frills antenna, this is it!

From: Bob Adkins KE8EC
I purchased the G5RV antenna directly from MFJ. Upon receiving the package and checking out the antenna, I have to agree with other reviews on this antenna, why build one when one this well made one can be purchased at this low price?

Installed the antenna at 46' as a flat top. So far I am very pleased with it and would recommend it to others.

From: Chuck AE7CA
Great right out of the box. It came with my Ten Tec welcome to HF kit. I have a flat top around 25 feet in the air between trees and have worked Portugal from Maryland with a Ten Tec Jupiter and 100 watts. The ladder line goes to coax which goes to the radio with the automatic tuner (no baluns). It can't get much more simple than this and no problems from neighbors because they can't see it. I hope to get it much higher in the trees this summer!

From: Chuck AE7CA
To continue from the above commentary, I earned the Worked All Continents (WAC), Worked All States (WAS) and just submitted my DX Century Club packet, all on this G5RV "flat top" about 25 feet above the ground! See more information at QRZ.com. It is hard to get less expensive than this antenna! It is not easy getting past the "big boys" with the "big and expensive toys" but this antenna can get the job done with determination and persistence. :-)

From: Charles WB4QBD
Recently gotten back into ham radio after retirement. My foot print around house was pretty grim for stringing di-poles because of having no trees . Also wasn't sure about HOA rules and such. Make a short story long, The G5RV is up about 30FT in inverted v on a barefoot Kenwood TS-450. What a great little starter antenna. Thought about building a di-pole but for the price, you can't beat this antenna. Have worked over 15 countries with good reports when band is open. I have NO trouble working the USA from the Coast of Alabama with this antenna. Thanks for the great product and tech support.

From: Zeb Schreiber KG7FFU
Hello, I bought this antenna and after a week in the air one of the wires came apart at the feed point, it looked like it was cut by the crimp connector. I replaced the wires with insulated solid house wire trimmed to the same length as the original wires and soldered joints instead of crimp connectors, time will tell if it works. The performance of the antenna was great just follow the instructions and it will be good it tuned up on all the bands I wanted. It is a good antenna and I would recommend it to others.

From: Luis K4LCM
I've had this antenna for over 6 years and it only came down twice in that time. Once I brought it down because of a hurricane and the second time just recently had some strong winds and it broke in a couple of places. After inspecting it looks like some corrosion caused it. Overall I am extremely happy with the performance and materials. I'll try to fix it and come tax season might order another.

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