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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-1778M.

From: Mike W4MCX
antenna is perfect for confined areas. Would like to use twin lead all the way, but donot know if this will work..what say you all?

From: Stefano iz5rvl
Im using this wired dipole in Brasil, it is very good on 40 Meters and also in 20 Meters. Very low cost and I can speak to all Brasil in 40 Meters with good reports! The cost in Brasil is about $100 U.S. 73s, IZ5RVL.

From: Ken N2VHZ
I've used this antenna since 2007 with excellent results at four different QTH's as either a fully deployed dipole or in the inverted-vee configuration. Any one that I ever heard on it can hear me as well. I would not use ladder line all the way to the shack as another reviewer asked about. I would use coax and the self constructed 1:1 air wound balun at the antenna coax to ladder line transition feed point, as outlined in the owners instructions. Mine has been up in all weather conditions, from the coast of North Carolina with hurricanes, to the mountains of southern Germany, to the high plains of Nebraska. Its held up fine and I use it to have QSO's with everyday, it has low noise, is quite stealthy and is broad banded enough to load from all of 80 meters to all of 6 meters and every band in between with an LDG YT-1200 auto tuner.

From: David Elmore KA5BRM
Getting older so I purchased the G5RV junior rather than building an antenna. I have been pleased with it other than one surprise. The connector from the twin lead to the coax is an open (non covered) wire connection with NO protection from weather or rain.
Although the instructions recommend that you seal the coax connector with sealant they do not supply, that is but one portion of the problem.
I don't like bare wire connections out in the weather (other than at the dipole connection up top). We shall see how it works out with rain. But I suspect ice this coming winter is going to be a problem. MFJ tech support has no plans for any twin lead/coax connection covering and say they have had no trouble. Their best response was perhaps I could build something to protect it.. Not what I had in mind when purchasing..

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AUTO TUNER, 1.5KW, 1.8-30 MHZ
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TUNER, AUTO, 600W, MTR, 1.8-30 MHZ
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