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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-1780.

From: James W. Perry KE5UMD
Just bought this antenna to use on my balcony. I like others live in apartments and working HF becomes a problem. Brought this antenna home, made the connections in about 10 minuets, and was on the air in no time. It is a dream to tune using the MFJ-269. In the first 2 days made several contacts on 20, 17, and 15m with poor band conditions. The antenna is very well packaged to keep noisy neighbors at bay. I placed mine on a small plastic table, wich seems to work well! I was using a Buddystick and having many problems tuning it especially if you work several bands. If you are antenna restricted, and can keep people away from the antenna (RF) safety, I can say this antenna fits my needs! Now we need an add-on to cover 30-80m.


From: Paul English VA7VX
During this weekend's WPX contest I had a few hours to kill so took my MFJ-1780 loop and my Elecraft KX3 to a local park. I live near Vancouver, BC.
While I started off with contacts out a couple of thousand kilometres to Alaska, Texas etc. on 15m, skip started to go very long and I got several contacts into the east coast USA out about 4,000 km. In my experience, these are very long contacts for a magnetic loop antenna. At the same time I made a couple of local contacts of no more than 20 miles and each operator there mentioned that I was very faint for such a close-in station. Again, this seems quite normal behaviour for a magnetic loop.
Then I hit the mother load and nailed the west coast of Russia at over 5,000 km and finally several contacts into Japan at almost 8,000 km. These are exceptional distances for a magnetic loop antenna, especially using a 10w radio. I am amazed at how well such a small antenna works. It has fantastic "ears" as I heard calls from Germany, Estonia, central Russia and Morocco but couldn't reach them.

$269.95 each

COBWEB,HF,1/2 WAVE, 5-BD,10,12,15,17,20 M,300W
$219.95 each

BALUN, 1:1, 1.8-30MHZ, 1.5KW
$24.95 each

ANT. SW., 4 POS., 2.5 KW PEP, 0-450 MHZ, GND, LP.
$89.95 each

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