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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-1786.

From: Kirk Kleinschmidt NT0Z

\"For such a small, relatively portable antenna, the performance trade-off is rather minimal. For those living in areas with antenna restrictions, the MFJ-1786 offers an opportunity to get on the 10 to 30-MHz HF bands with an unobtrusive, yet very effective antenna.\"

See the full review in the August 1994 issue of QST Magazine.


From: Joe JK1DNW
I purchased the MFJ-1786 Magnetic Loop Antenna in 1995 when my previous antenna, AEA\'s old Isoloop was dead. Since then, I have been QRVing with this MFJ-1786 from the balcony of my flat for over the past 12 yeas without any trouble.

I think that the result of the loop is excellent for restricted radiation environment. In the previous solar cycle, I worked a lot of off shore radio amature stations in several countries on PACTOR, PSK31 and RTTY.

From: Ernie KI5WG
After over a month of research and deliberation, I purchased the MFJ 1786 Hi-Q Loop. I first put it up about 15 ft along side of the house but since this was a restricted area and didn't want to stir up any problems, called MFJ and spoke with Tom concerning the minimum height in a vertical installation. Tom advised that the loop is independent of ground so I thought a bit more. The loop worked super where it was installed and I was afraid to loose any efficiency. i decided to move it to the center of the back yard mounted on a black iron pipe driven into the ground with the base of the loop at about 6 ft. I have checked into the maritime mobile net on a regular basis and have talked to California and Florida at the same time, located in South Texas. If you can hear 'em, you can work 'em. The tuning is not a problem but does take a bit adjusting to if you are a surfer of the bands. Mount it vertically and enjoy the pleasure of getting back on the air if you are in a restricted area...HOA, etc. There is a slight detuning between morning and mid day to evening, I suspect due to expansion and contraction of the capacitor but extremely minor.

This is a product that performs very well. I can find no complaints in construction although the PVC housing may be called cheesey by some but thumbs up to MFJ by keeping weight down while providing the protection to the components.

The price is a bit more than most would spend on an antenna but to be able to mount it at 6 ft and check into nets regularly is a plus to me. Great product and great support.

From: Russ WA2VQV
My QTH is in a 2nd floor condo in Delaware. The MFJ-1786 mini-loop is in the attic 20-25 feet above ground. I regularly work DX (on 30, 20, 17, 15M) with the mini-loop on CW, PSK31 and lately on SSB. Best DX on CW is JA, VK9W and VK, KH6 on SSB. Just completed working 100 entities for Phone DXCC. Run 75 Watts on CW & SSB and 25 Watts PSK31. Looking forward to working 12 & 10M when the sunspots return. The mini-loop is a good choice for those with antenna restrictions.

From: John Geleziunas VA3JRG
I installed one on my apartment balcony railing. It only took two hours and I was on the air. The tuning is remarkable. Once the controller box is right on frequency, I get a 1.2:1 SWR match on 20m and 1.4:1 on 10m with a Yaesu 890 transceiver. The first station I logged was Austin, Texas to Toronto with a 58 report on 20m. Also many European stations with similar reports. For the price, it's an excellent choice for apartment dwellers. I would say it's just as good as a G5RV type dipole antenna. It's definitely worth the investment.

From: Doc C WB0FDJ
This is a no brainer. After months of research I got one of these a couple of years ago and it's working like gangbusters. Tuned loops are really quite efficient and work on par with a dipole. Everything worked on mine and I had it on the air in 5 minutes. It sits in an upstairs room next door to the shack, sitting vertically. I've had phenomenal luck with this and my QRP rigs. With 2.5 watts I worked both coasts at 559 within 24 hrs of finishing my 20 meter Cub transciever kit. If you have minimal space and want to cover 30-10 meters with reasonable efficiency this is the way to go. This antenna has surpassed my expectations!

From: Pete K9PB
Don't let the size fool you. I've gotten 155 countries with this antenna.

From: Chris N0UK
First ever QSOs today using the MFJ mag loop (see http://www.mfjenterprises.com/Product.php?productid=MFJ-1786) on ten meters with DK3T in Germany and OP2A in Belgium!

Over the course of the weekend, I was able to contact stations in four continents using this new antenna on the 28MHz band, including breaking the pile-up to work the 2014 Lord Howe Island DXpedition (VK9DLX http://www.lordhowe2014.org/).

I am quite stunned that such a relatively small antenna for HF (short-wave) can be so effective and compare very favourably with a full-sized dipole.

From: Merlin ve7or
I purchased this loop and if your restrictions is in a apartment, this is a great antenna. I placed mine on my balcony and have talked the world on this magnetic loop. Hats off to mfj for a well made product. If you never played with a loop you're missing out compared to a dipole the noise ceiling is much quiter. 73 great product.....

$269.95 each

HF/VHF/220MHZ/UHF,.530-230,415-470MHZ,SWR ANALYZER
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AUTO TUNER, 1.5KW, 1.8-30 MHZ
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