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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-1788.

From: Kevin Scott MM0KSS

I must thank you and all at MFJ Enterprises for putting such a good product together (The MFJ Mag Loop 1788). I can't believe how highQ this baby is and the quality of the tuning capacitor is 150% and the tuning box is very easy and quick to use. Well after working JAMACIA-6Y5WJ on 10 MHz CW with 80 Watts and loop only 10 feet up and vertical due to the low height and pointing for DX, I was amazed. I have never worked so much DX since I got this antenna. Great stuff guys -- keep up the good work at MFJ.

From a very very satisfied and happy MFJ customer
I would definitely buy MFJ products again
All the best and thanks: Kevin-MM0KSS

From: Patrick M Berry KN7B

I recently purchased and installed an MFJ-1788 40-15 loop antenna. I want to comment on its performance. I used to own and operate a 2 element full size beam on 40M at 110\' on top of a 3000\' mountain on Oregon. No, I didn\'t expect this 3\' diameter loop on top of a 2 story house at 50\' above sea level to perform like the beam... but I sure didn\'t expect the performance I\'m getting!

I consistently get excellent RSTs with this antenna. I got a 579 from Spain on 18 MHz from Redondo Beach, CA running 100w, when the rest of the CA on stations were getting about the same. I heard a ZS3 at 559 on 40 meters the other night!! Contacts regularly express amazement at the signal this thing puts out. I even used it with my Index Labs QRP rig, putting out 2 watts, and have receieved excellent(599) reports within the single hop range on 40M. I haven\'t tried to work any distance on 40 with 2 watts due to the qrn and qrm that are prevalant, but I don\'t doubt I could with good band conditions.

The current owner of my older tower and 40M beam, K7MRV, tells me the signal this loop puts out to Oregon from LA is phenomenal. It is always strong and readable even in the poor band conditions we are seeing on 40 in the early evening. I\'ve heard it over the telephone while talking to Pat and I\'m amazed at how strong the signal is!

You outdid yourselves with this one. I started out with an \"it has to be better than a wet noodle\" attitude, and ended up with a \"this thing is amazing!\" attitude.

CU on 40 CW!

Pat KN7B


From: Joe Bottieri KF4FM
My first contact with this antenna installation was from Florida to mid Scotland, running about 100 watts.

I got a good readable signal report going and coming. My contact was using the same radio at 200 watts, a Yaesu FT1000 Mark V.

The antenna is up on a galvanized pipe at 22 feet above the ground at the south end of a 14 foot high building. The pipe is well grounded to a '9 feet (in the ground) 1/2 inch copper pipe.

90 feet of low loss coax is used with a double 1 foot diameter coil at the antenna for lightning protection.

It's easy to handle! And its a small unobtrusive antenna that thinks it is a big guy!

I'm very happy with it.

From: Joe Bottieri KF4FM KF4FM
This antenna has been my main unit for about 10 months now and I've been happy with it since new.

Today: December 10th, 2010 ay 18:30 UTC, I had a QSO with a station in South Africa on 17 meters SSB. That's 7700 miles.

Enough said!

Joe, KF4FM

From: Mike Slate N6TEA
This antenna is of OUTSTANDING QUALITY and WORKMANSHIP. While most waited until they had their MFJ-1788 on the air to comment, I was so impressed with the craftsmanship displayed in the manufacture of this antenna that I had to submit this initial review the day I received the antenna. The loop itself is made from quite robust aluminum tubing which is perfectly round. What is amazing is the craftsmanship displayed by the aluminum welding. The huge variable capacitor is itself made from aluminum and welded down all sides, no easy task given that too much heat would warp the blades or drop globs of aluminum onto the them. Additionally, the welding work actually looks pretty. All soldering joints on the various boards were bright and strong; no cold solder joints nor any evidence of overheating that might otherwise have scorched the boards or a component. The plastic cover is precision molded and trimmed. When removing the screws, one is well served to ensure one uses a Phillips screw driver with a head that fits the screws. They are quite tightly set (a good feature)such that a poorly fit tool might strip them. All the parts were present and a neat checklist was provided on the outside of the box in which they were packed, attached with cable ties to the loop. The control head was in bubble wrap in a protected nest of the large shipping box. The big box did not allow for any of the antenna parts to move so despite a trip from Mississippi to Anaheim, CA and on to my QTH in Newbury Park, CA, the antenna arrived in excellent condition. MFJ's considerable efforts demonstrate that it can design and manufacture a high quality product. They deserve our business as a result.

Most sincerely - -M.
Mike Slate N6TEA

From: Robert Frawley w9uss
Very good antenna, really works well in horiz position up 25 feet on telescopic mast, compared to my end fed 40 meter dipole it performs about the same. made contacts out to 1900 miles so far. It does take a little time to retune when changing freq, but when you get used to that, its a breeze.

From: Nick w3nrl
I was impressed with this little magloop antenna my first
contact was a buddy of mine in Russia RU3EG Serge and many
contacts in between that I made, and a nice contact to
VU3WIJ and that is with my TS-480 and only using 100 watts
with the magloop 3 feet off the ground.
I have been using this antenna every since.
Now I want to build my own magnetic loop.
Have fun with one and you too will be hooked!!!

$149.95 each

$149.95 each

DUMMY LOAD, 1.5 KW, 1-650 MHZ, SO-239, DRY
$74.95 each

$259.95 each

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