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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-1796.

From: Bruce Milne WB2QAP

\"For those with limited space, campers, and those who operate portable, the MFJ-1796 vertical antenna is an excellent choice. It can be easily broken down and stored in a matter of a few minutes. All in all, I\'d give this antenna high marks!\"

See the full review in The QRP Quarterly, April 1994.


From: Carl KF7GJO
I'm in an area where CC&Rs prohibit Ham antenna's. My 1796 is on a 10 foot pole and can be raised or lowered in less than a minute. It was very easy to assemble; if anything, the instructions are over simplified. Antenna spoke trimming though isn't real clear. They've muddied the water trying to over explain it. Alas, it's performed beyond my expectations. Many friends who advised against it have since said my signal strength and clarity is beyond what they expected. I didn't install the 2 or 6 meter elements since I don't use those bands. The others tuned up easily using a Drake MN-2000 tuner. Also, while this antenna is rated up to 40 meters, the antenna tuned thru 80 meters with a 1:1 to 1.25:1 SWR. I would purchase another of these antennas without question. Carl

From: Jim Simashkevich WB8ACU
For an antenna that looks like an experiment on a pole, it works remarkably well. I have it peak mounted on the house at about 20 feet at the base. Have worked very good DX on 40 meters that I couldn't even hear with my inverted "V". It also does a great job on 20 and 17 meters, using the antenna tuner. I would highly recommend!

From: Barry KA2IND
I had the MFJ-1798 on my roof, it was a great vertical antenna. I got all the way out to Japan on 10 and 20 Meters. But then Sandy hit and took it out -- that antenna is very top heavy but a good one. I replaced it with the MFJ-1796, not as many bands but so far so good and I believe it will take more wind then the MFJ-1798. I haven't gotten a chance to really test it but it is working. The tuning is kind of weird but after the 1798 it's easier. I basically built it, waterproofed it and put it up. I let the MFJ 993B do the tuning. It's great! I hope it stays up there better. 73's, KA2IND

From: Andy AE5YJ
I bought this ground-independent vertical because 1.) no radial/counterpoise system was necessary (my yard is small) and 2.) It was relatively small in form factor. I knew it would be a compromise antenna, but I have to say that thus far I am very impressed with itís performance. Assembly was a bit of a pain, and the instructions are dated. The instructions are for an older version of this antenna, as the hardware has changed several times by the looks of it. This created some confusion, but I figured it out. I assembled mine over the course of a weekend. Just as the manual states, after connecting to the antenna analyzer the antenna was resonant at or just below each band. I am lazy and was not looking forward to the tedious task of trimming the capacitance spokes, so I purchased an MFJ-993b wide range tuner. It tunes all specified bands from the bottom of each band to the top with good results.

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