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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-1919EX.

From: Mike W5PEF
The 1919EX works very well. You can get your antenna up fast.

From: Joe KC2NCZ
Just bought a 1919EX over the weekend from HRO in Portland OR. Had it set up in no time; put my Comet GP-1 on the top. Had to use some bike tire inner-tubes to "increase" the diameter of the uppermost pole of the 1919. The U bolts for the antenna were made for bigger poles. None-the-less, works well for portable and EMCOMM ops. Good also for nocturnal antenna deployment (how I use it) for those of us in antenna unfriendly neighborhoods (why I bought it). It's wobbly when fully deployed, but a field expedient guy wire system with hose clamps, 550 cord and tent stakes does the trick on windy days. Now I can hit repeaters 40 miles away with my FT-60 HT.

From: B. Biddlecome AE7UE
After waiting (2+) months for this, it arrived with a broken bolt that secures one of the legs to center mast pole. The plastic part of the hand screw (bolt?) that is loosened to expand the legs was also broken. The shipping cardboard box is woefully inadequate for this product. The product seems OK but got here so late that I'll have to wait for better weather to actually try it out. //Bruce -- AE7UE//

TUNER, HF+6M, 300W
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