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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-2012.

From: John W4ILV
This is an excellent antenna! I have mine up about 35 feet with a center support and configured as a dipole. It works as advertised with SWRs below 2:1 across the bands. The MFJ-2012 is also a very ruggedly built antenna and will likely last a long time in harsh weather conditions. Although not specifically recommended, it can be used on other bands with a tuner. Mine loads and performs very well on 60, 17, and 12 meters.

From: Chet R Biggerstaff KF7VZT
I recently bought this antenna to "upgrade" from my alpha delta DX-EE and boy what an upgrade heh. This antenna is far UNDERADVERTISED/UNDERATED and what I mean is that it does exactly what it says and far more. You do indeed get the gain figures stated on all the bands stated, but you also get (with a tuner of course) 80, 60, 30, 17, 15, and 12 which was very surprising to me as I thought id give them up by taking down my DX-EE but I am very glad I was wrong. I can now work barefoot from my QTH with this antenna and actually get outside the USA as ive now racked up asiatic Russia, South America and a lot of contacts from Japan all of which my DX-EE would not do from here. I can not recommend this antenna enough and if you find an easy way to rotate it let us know.
P.S. I am buying a 2nd to hold in reserve (one is none and two is one hehe).

From: Glen Warnstaff K5CPD
March 12, 2013: I have the MFJ-2012 up over six months and I can say it works! My transceiver is a Kenwood TS-2000 and I use the internal tuner to match the circuits. The center of the antenna is up about 30 feet and the ends are about 25 feet. One leg is North/East and the other leg goes East/West. It works as designed.
73 K5CPD

From: Jack KV4JX
After sucking a set of batteries dry in my antenna analyzer experimenting with some home brew OCFDs, I thought I'd try the MFJ-2012. I simply hung it, fed it with a 100 foot of RG-8x, put some new batteries in the analyzer and checked it's characteristics. I'm amazed that this inexpensive antenna covers 6-10-20 and 40m with such a low SWR. I'm getting excellent results at 100 watts using my vintage Kenwood TS-820 hybrid. I've also used it on 15 and 80 with a Kenwood AT-200 tuner and received great signal reports from Ireland, Croatia, Brazil and California. I typically receive solid 5X9 reports when I'm seeing only 5X7s on my S-meter from folks using the same 100W power level that I am. The MFJ-2012 has far better performance on 20m than my fixed dipole did hanging from the same trees. For a 66' antenna, this one is a winner and I love it!

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