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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-2012.

From: John W4ILV
This is an excellent antenna! I have mine up about 35 feet with a center support and configured as a dipole. It works as advertised with SWRs below 2:1 across the bands. The MFJ-2012 is also a very ruggedly built antenna and will likely last a long time in harsh weather conditions. Although not specifically recommended, it can be used on other bands with a tuner. Mine loads and performs very well on 60, 17, and 12 meters.

From: Chet R Biggerstaff KF7VZT
I recently bought this antenna to "upgrade" from my alpha delta DX-EE and boy what an upgrade heh. This antenna is far UNDERADVERTISED/UNDERATED and what I mean is that it does exactly what it says and far more. You do indeed get the gain figures stated on all the bands stated, but you also get (with a tuner of course) 80, 60, 30, 17, 15, and 12 which was very surprising to me as I thought id give them up by taking down my DX-EE but I am very glad I was wrong. I can now work barefoot from my QTH with this antenna and actually get outside the USA as ive now racked up asiatic Russia, South America and a lot of contacts from Japan all of which my DX-EE would not do from here. I can not recommend this antenna enough and if you find an easy way to rotate it let us know.
P.S. I am buying a 2nd to hold in reserve (one is none and two is one hehe).

From: Glen Warnstaff K5CPD
March 12, 2013: I have the MFJ-2012 up over six months and I can say it works! My transceiver is a Kenwood TS-2000 and I use the internal tuner to match the circuits. The center of the antenna is up about 30 feet and the ends are about 25 feet. One leg is North/East and the other leg goes East/West. It works as designed.
73 K5CPD

From: Jack KV4JX
After sucking a set of batteries dry in my antenna analyzer experimenting with some home brew OCFDs, I thought I'd try the MFJ-2012. I simply hung it, fed it with a 100 foot of RG-8x, put some new batteries in the analyzer and checked it's characteristics. I'm amazed that this inexpensive antenna covers 6-10-20 and 40m with such a low SWR. I'm getting excellent results at 100 watts using my vintage Kenwood TS-820 hybrid. I've also used it on 15 and 80 with a Kenwood AT-200 tuner and received great signal reports from Ireland, Croatia, Brazil and California. I typically receive solid 5X9 reports when I'm seeing only 5X7s on my S-meter from folks using the same 100W power level that I am. The MFJ-2012 has far better performance on 20m than my fixed dipole did hanging from the same trees. For a 66' antenna, this one is a winner and I love it!

From: Peach KK4UGJ
I purchased this antenna based on the reviews I saw on this web site. I installed the antenna about 40 feet up in a poplar tree in an inverted V configuration using RG-8X cable about 130 feet from my radio room. I checked the SWR across all 4 bands that this antenna is supposed to perform on and I was very surprised at the results. My SWR was very low on all 4 bands and virtually flat across the entire bandwidth of each of the 4 bands. Even on 6 meters which is a band I have been having trouble with, I found the SWR at 1.6 around 54 MHz and at 1.1 around 50.250 MHz. I have made several solid voice contacts on 6 meters and DX SSB contacts on 10 meters and all operators I talked to have told me that my signal was very strong with very good sound quality.

The antenna is solidly built. The wires are made of bare heavy gauge copper and the ceramic insulators fastened at the end of the wires are of very good quality. The insulators are not the ones shown in the picture on the MFJ product website. They are heavier duty white ceramic insulators. The only thing I saw on this antenna that I wanted to change was the way the wires on each end of the dipole were fed through the insulators and crimped to hold them in place. The crimps were a little small and did not seem to be heavy enough. I decided to place about inch of solder on each side of each crimp to give a little more holding power. That works for me but you might think the crimps are OK as is.

I am very satisfied with this antenna. It has definitely improved the performance of my transceiver across the 40, 20, 10, and 6 meter bands. I am using the antenna without a need for an antenna tuner/matcher of any kind. For me this antenna is a keeper.

From: Bob Richardson KB1UJO
This was my first wire and it is everything and more as advertised. I am not operating at the suggested height with regard for the very high winds here on Cape Cod, having at many times recorded gusts up to 70-80 mph and sustained winds 20-30 mph often accompanied by snow and freezing rain. With the right conditions the UK, Europe, Russia, Italy, and much of the USA are easily reached. Tough, reliable, and installs without any difficulty. Thanks, MFJ.

From: Steve Rorai kc5vsx
I have it in an inverted v configuration 40 feet to the feed point with the legs at about 120 degrees apart with over 20 feet off the ground at each end. I put it up and it is presenting my MFJ-259CM Analyzer from the antenna through 75 feet of RG 8U with polyethylene foam dielectric as follows:

7.000 - 1.4 to 1 7.125 - 1.7 to 1 7.300 - 2.3 to 1
14.000 - 1.6 to 1 14.350 - 1.5 to 1
28.000 - 1.5 to 1 28.400 1 to 1 29.700 2 to 1
50.000 - 1.6 to 1 50.125 - 1.6 to 1 52.000 3.2 to 1 54.000 3.9 to 1.

It is a quality build and I'm pleased with it. My Yaesu FT 450D can tune the sideband cw, phone and data portions to 1:1 of these frequencies with ease. The rest of the ham bands are accessible through my MFJ 941E Tuner, although signal output losses will pile up due to the mismatches. As one can see it needs no tuner for the 10 meter band phone in my configuration which works for me since I am a tech. So given my site limitations and my budget this antenna will serve me until I can save up enough for a tower and yagi's and maybe an amp to go with it.

$199.95 each

DUMMY LOAD, 1.5 KW, 1-650 MHZ, SO-239, DRY
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