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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-226.

From: J Titus AG6HS
First impression: Wow! The unit is easy to use: I was able to make some simple measurements of my local HRO store's antennas without reading the manual. Slick! The only thing that makes it less than perfect is the present lack of PC software to allow it to be controlled and/or updated. Hopefully this minor annoyance this will be remedied in the near future. Bottom line: I bought it.

From: Stan Edwards WA4DYD
I've had earlier MFJ antenna analyzers and have enjoyed using them. I purchased the MFJ-226 analyzer at a recent hamfest and love it. Being able to plot SWR over a broad range is great for checking multi-band antennas. It's also easy to see single frequency plots for resonance.

The one thing I would like to see is the ability to print the various plots using the PC software package, not an option without printing the screen and pasting it in a document.

From: Bob Stothfang W8RES
WOW! This Analyzer is easy to use and provides a graphical sweep of your desired frequency range for quick analysis. It can also display a single frequency data in a large font that can easily be read from a distance.

I too am anxiously looking forward to the PC interface software to be able to read my stored data into my computer and display/save it as a graph by converting the CSV file to an EXCEL graph.

From: Fred n4phh
I recently purchased the MFJ-226 at the Mobile, AL hamfest. What a magnificent instrument! I did mess up by starting the global load CALIBRATE PROCEDURE without a set of calibration loads. This was a very forgiving instrument as I used the OSL load set procedure. My 226 was back and showing good data. I have easily tuned a number of antennas including most recently the MFJ 20 meter stick antenna. I have only scratched the surface as to the capabilities of the 226. So far it has been super great!!! Long live MFJ!!!

From: Jerry Moore W4CDO
I purchased MFJ-226 analyzer at Huntsville Hamfest 2015. Analyzer performs well as described. However, I cannot get the software to install properly. I installed driver and Windows assigned com8--other port numbers are in use: West Mtn Radio Rigtalk and SignaLink. The analyzer program installs, but assigns com5 as the port for analyzer. This port is already in use by Rigtalk. The program has no feature that allows changing the com port number. The firmware program will not install because Windows does not recognize the file type. If I'm not making an error, them the software needs to be revised to add more features and allow means to install. Maybe someone can tell me if there is something I can do.

From: Jerry Moore W4CDO
Please ignore my previous review comments about software installation problems. I removed the cable to the device using com5 and, following the mfj-226 manual, I installed the software successfully on com8. The firmware update zip file loaded properly when I used Internet Explorer to access the MFJ site. The original problem with downloading the file was caused by using Fire Fox browser which works in a different way for file downloads. I remembered this from previous situations where I was having problems.


From: Ron Nystrom AF0V
Great handy little device, makes tuning my hexbeam a snap, so much easier than using the 269 that I been using for over 15 years, good job MFJ

From: KURT wb2yvy
I updated the Software from MFJ. Finely the MFJ-226 is working as it suppose to do. The SYS update File hat to be where it wanted to go. Great unit for the Prize

From: Jimmy KB5WIO
For those that are looking for PC software to read the MFj-226 There is some at Times Technology. Google it and download the software for the T101 You will notice the picture is the same as the MFJ-226. I have installed this software and I can load the saved data from the 226 as well as save it to disk and print it out. It also lets you control the unit from the computer.

I hope this helps the ones looking for software for the MFJ-226.

Jimmy KB5WIO

From: Richard Lutz KD4SEV
I really enjoyed our club meeting’s talk on analyzers, so much so that I bought an MFJ-226 at the very next ham fest. Right off the bat I knew I should have bought one of these years ago, my main antenna, a dipole in the attic cut for 10M after numerous cuttings and adjustment had a fair SWR. However, the analyzer proved me very wrong; but better yet I could adjust it within minutes. I knew about smith charts but little about how to read them, but after bending google for a half an hour my education was complete. I was very surprised to be able to hit the cross hairs nearly dead on. My other antenna, a fan dipole for 10M and 6M took a little longer but I was able to hit the mark on both target frequencies. I found that the PC program was really a better interface but still the on-board screen is not too hard to uses. One thing that could make the 226 a better tool would be USB power and battery charging but still this a great tool that makes tuning a breeze. KD4SEV

From: Spencer Trombly W1GAK
Removes a lot of guesswork. My 259 has retired

HF/VHF/UHF SWR ANALYZER, .530-230 MHZ,430-520
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