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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-2286.

From: Bruce K6BAA
Antenna out of the box was found to be well engineered. I assembled it in a few minutes, mounted it ground level on a tripod in my back yard, six loops in the coax for a inline balun, adjusted it with my MFJ antenna analyzer and imediately made a 10 meter contact to Japan with further contacts to Brazil and Argentina the next day. Looking forward to camping and field day.


From: John KCTHY
Baught a 17 foot Big Stick in November 2013. I Mounted it on an aluminum pipe I had laying around, and stretched the counterpoise wires out and anchored them to the ground with some long screws. After that I set the antenna for 20 meters, and put my MFJ 259B on it. Had it tuned perfectly within 2 minutes and within 30 minutes had worked stations in the US and Great Brittan. I plan to use it on SKN on 20 and 40 meters. The antenna lives outside and I use 50 feet of RG58 coax with about 15 feet of coax coiled on a 5 inch form at the feedpoint. I like it. Its simple, and it works. I would strongly recommend an antenna analyzer because it makes tuning so simple and doesn't put a strain on your finals. Also, my MFJ 949 Versa Tuner is always connected so I can monitor SWR and tune if needed. This antenna of course does not perform like a Yagi tri bander, but it's a good antenna for portable or home use. If there is anything negative to say, I would say with no automatic band switching, you do have to go outside and retune it when you change bands, but so what! It's inexpensive, portable and it works.

From: J Harper AD5CL
Antenna is fairly well made, not very well packaged (easily damaged). No manual, but instructions to obtain from the website. OK for anyone except those without internet access (some still do not use the internet). No roll of wire included as the manual states. The tap wire is too short to fully make use of the coil. This is easily replaced, but one should not have to in my opinion. The alligator does not short against adjacent coils when clipped to one coil, as long at the alligator is within ten degrees of perpendicular to the length of the coil.

I give this product a 7 (out of ten). If someone rates it with a view to being able to use it right out of the box, in accordance with the advertisement, then a 2 would be in order.

DOES require a tuner by the way. Even with radials.

From: Ed KJ4NT
I have had the Antenna about 4 months. Started by tuning with a MFJ-259 and worked well. After that experiment I hooked my MFJ-994b Autotuner in line and unhooked the jumper wire. Works like a champ on all bands 60-10 Meters. It is a tough built antenna. I live in SW Florida and it takes 20-30 mph winds all day and gusts to 50 mph since I am within a mile of the coast. It's the best value in a vertical I have seen. It compares with antennas costing hundreds more. I have added 2 extra radials to the 4 that came with it and may add more just to see what happens but I am impressed.

From: Mark K1MRK
I bought this antenna for a quick installation and to have portability and low visibility. I installed it in the backyard and have buried 16 radials. Works like a champ, but you do need an antenna tuner. An antenna analyzer is helpful, as you can optimize the radiating frequency quickly. I have gotten quite a few S9+20's on 20 Meters with contacts on both coasts and the North East(NH,NY,NJ) with a barefoot FT-101E located in North Texas.

From: Thomas Gordon VE4ZZ
I Mounted this 17Ft Beauty Horizontal attached to the mounting platform of my Window A/C Unit at 150 Ft above ground on the 14th Floor of my Apartment
The Reason for being Horizontal is that the Entire building is Enveloped in Stainless Metal which I used as One Half of the Antenna.

Nightly Rpts of 15db over in to ZL and VK on 20 Meter SSB.

Also Worked ZS3Y, vOLKER Near Cape Town, South Africa at 1300 Hours CST and got a 5x7 RPT on 40 Meter SSB.

THE LAST 7 fT OF THIS Antenna is too Thin and as a Result the Wind eventually Chopped Off 7 Feet of it leaving me with 10 which worked fine using the Tuner.

From: Tom W3FIK
This antenna is worth the money. It's a decent way for a newbie to get on HF without breaking the bank. It's also a good choice for Field Day ops, camping, vacationing and (stationary) mobile ops. Mine differs from the picture only at the loading coil. Mine has an alligator clip to tap the coil, whereas the pic shows an adjustable collar. I tested mine in my back yard on a steel pipe driven into the ground about two feet and three feet left above the ground (mounting point). I also tried it with the feed point / mount at 10 feet, and it did better closer to the ground, (as expected on the low bands). Following the instructions, this antenna works very well. There is a bit a trial and error with the coil tapping, (as expected) so have a Sharpie handy. It performed well on the advertised bands. The radial kit, (supplied), is good to have on the lower bands, (but with a properly installed and grounded outboard in-line tuner, they're not really necessary. On the higher bands, the radials really aren't needed, as stated in the manual. From my QTH in Eastern PA, I worked a W6 on 17m, a bunch of W8's, W4's, W9's, and W0's on 40m, 10m was dead, 15m was like 10, 20m was decent into the Desert SW and one G-zero. I did surprisingly well on 6m even though there was no opening. Got into southern NJ, western PA and lower tier NYS (all simplex FM and a quasi-local on 6AM. I put mine up at ten feet on a windy day. It flexed a bit, but never flapped around and didn't bend. Its sturdier than I expected from a telescoping antenna of this length. I mounted it on my car for S's n giggles on a 3/8 x 24 ball mount and it played well. It must have been happy and thought my car was a good enough counterpoise. With the radials or without, you will spend a lot of time the first time out seeing where to tap the coil and the length of the antenna itself. I strongly urge the use of an outboard in-line tuner. My rig's ATU struggled a bit on a couple bands, so if i needed a little touch-up, the manual tuner works best. This antenna loves 40m. Even with no radials, the ATU hardly had to think. If I break this one, which isn't likely, I'm not out a lot and would buy another one to replace it. If you're looking for a permanent mount antenna for your house, Id say look elsewhere, but if you're looking for what i used mine for, this is quite the perfect portable antenna that doesn't act like a compromise, you found what you're looking for. . 73 and good luck, Tom, W3FIK

From: Aaron Synowiez KM4PXW
I reticently purchased this antenna and have Enjoyed it. It is easy to assemble with your tripod.

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DUMMY LOAD, 1.5 KW, 1-650 MHZ, SO-239, DRY
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