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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-2289.

From: Chet R Biggerstaff KF7VZT
I just recived my antenna and have to admit i got lot more than I thought when I ordered it. The only issue ive come across is that the threads on the coil where the 3/8ths end of the antenna screws in had every thread covered with some sort of glue. I have sent an email and expect that they will take care of it so heres what I found....this antenna rocks! itll tune up on all freq between 7 and 55 within the specs very easily. The "bonus" I "discovered" is that if you add to your order a 3/8ths trimag mount to your order youll not only have an excelent preforming, very easy to setup and use portable "full size" diapole BUT youll also have a very nice "bug catcher" portable antenna as well. i almost bought a portable for my car but after playing with this ive ordered the mag mount and a 4.5' extension to use on my car. So you really do get a very very versitile antenna that does what it says itll do and with a very small investment of cash a nice car portable as well. now to machine a new mount for it so I can set it in any direction/config I want and ive a "buddy" ;)

From: Chet R Biggerstaff KF7VZT
Ive had a bit of time with the antenna now and thought an update was in order. MFJ did take care of the thread issue and sent me a new coil. It appears that the gunk was some sort of weatherproofing that ended up on the threads. Took about an hour to clean it but in the process the solder bond from the coil to the 3/8ths connector broke loose. The issue here is that the small dia of the coil wire is being soldered to a bare brass ring around the 3/8ths connector but the heat required is far more than what was applied to my unit which is why it broke (cold solder joint). not an issue for anyone with a good large iron (which of course I didnt have. It seems I recived a bad unit. So if you do get one of these make sure you check the joints under the black shrink wrap on the coil. This is really the ONLY issue i can come up with and it is not enough to not buy this antenna as it preforms so well. There is one other "issue" you need to be aware of....the telescopic masts are very flimsy and wont take a lot of abuse. As long as your careful they will last a long time but if your careful itll last. It is not meant as a permanant install as it will not handle the wind but is perfect for portable use. I also bought the tripod with the 18' mast which works perfectly with this antenna. The mast MUST be guyed if there is gojng to be any wind at all. Great portable unit!

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