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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-259B.

From: Mike Hartmann WG0I

Thank you very much for the information and the VERY fast response!!! I am impressed!!! Many web site customer service and tech support people take forever, if even at all, to get back to you!!

I have bought many MFJ products in the past and enjoyed them. With the great service you guys supply I will continue to do so!

Thanks for the information about the Ni-Mh batteries and the 1312d adapter! I will definitely check them out!

Have a NICE day!

Mike Hartmann


From: Mike Zeglen KL7ai
The MFJ-259B has been a valuable tool in antenna design and tuning. Makes short work of antenna tuning that otherwise what would have taken hours down to minutes. Hey guys, this is well worth the money and the best investment you will make for your shack!

From: Rick Vogel KVRZ
Not sure how this unit works on Ham antenna's.. BUT I first saw this unit being used by NYC Broadcast engineers to tune their FM broadcast systems and tunable antennas back in 2005. Here's these guys with thousands of dollars worth of spectrum analyzers, power meters, etc., and they depend on your product to do the job right. Was I impressed!!! I bought this unit immediately and it has NEVER failed me once.

I use it to tune professional FM Broadcast antennas for our station and others I consult on. Life can be good, finally! I usually take the transmission line (if flexable), out from the transmitter building, up near the antenna where I can move down 5 ft or so and connect your unit there. That way I see exactly what the entire system looks like hitting the transmitter. I move up higher to the antenna, make adjustments, come down and check it with your unit. I go back and forth till I get it perfect which usually only takes 1 or 2 tweaks and Viola! I've got a perfectly tuned antenna system with almost a perfect 1:1 SWR at 50 ohms.

This unit is a life saver, bar none!!
thanks for making it!!

From: Bill KC2JGL
I love my three mfj-259 and 259B , and mfj-269 analyzers. i build antenna's and install quite a bit of equipment to help my ham friends and i can't live with out my test equipment. Thank You for a great product. Bill KC2JGL

From: Gil Larson W7JBJ/AE
Dear MFJ,

I have never been disappointed with your products or your great service. I love being able to do business with a U.S. company and I always talk with the friendliest people at MFJ and so helpful!! I just want to tell you about the manuals you have for studying for the Amateur Radio License exams. I found out through research on the Internet that the best type of study guide was one that only gave the ONE CORRECT ANSWER! This is why I ordered your study guide for my Extra Class ticket! I have been a ham for 51 years now and decided it was time to get my Extra Class License. I went down last Wednesday and through OARS (Olympia Amateur Radio Society) Olympia, Washington I took the test and passed by missing only TWO questions! I know of no other company that offers a money back guarantee if you fail!I have recomended these manuals to all my ham friends and am now in the process of Elmering a new potential ham to our great Fraternity. Keep up the great work at MFJ and thank you for helping me get my Extra Class License!!

Gil Larson,W7JBJ/AE
Olympia, Washington

From: michael brunson kaxv8203
would not want to tune a antenna without one. best thing since coax.

From: Kim Liljekrans OZ5IQ

Looking forward to receive and use the 259B.

In the time awaiting its arrival - it came into my mind, that this tool, is a must for me as home builder. ! Superb to show the complex Zin of an item, as PA , preamplifier etc. if special care is taken
in the last item. Thus I have borrowed the item, and now WANT to have one myselves !

Looking forward to its arrival 73ī sss

From: Barry vk4baz
I bought my first MFJ analyzer 15 years ago, it never missed a beat, I successfully built many antennas. Due to my own stupidity I buggered this one up by reverse polarity, so I upgraded to the MFJ-259B and yes, I have looked at the reviews for this and other types of analyzers. For and against you can't please everybody, someone will have had problems with different manufacturers, so I decided to stay with the MFJ. Why would I go elsewhere when reliability of the previous one has been unbelievable. I just hope that this analyzer will give me a problem-free return just like my first one.

From: Gary K4FY
I went QRT for a number of years and sold all my amateur radio gear and test equipment. When I became active again, I knew the first piece of equipment I had to replace was the MFJ-259B antenna Analyzer. I canít imagine doing antenna work without it. It would be like stumbling around a dark room with a blindfold.

Not only will the unit analyze an antenna system it will tell you the quality of coax, function as a dip meter for building traps and a signal generator/frequency counter. Itís easy to see why this unit has found its way into commercial applications.

MFJ products are interesting. They manage to combine low cost with high performance and function Ė a rare commodity. The breadth of their product lineup is simply amazing.

From: Randy W6SJ
I wish you would make a part of new Analyzers that they have a time relay that cuts off power from the battery after, say, 10 minutes.
That one would cost you less than 10 AA batteries that were fully discharged and need to be thrown away, discharged.

I know this has been a "topic of concern" that you ought to have heard being discussed before.

If you aren't going to provide a retro-fit, I will build one myself OR you could build a small one as an accessory. See http://wb9kzy.com/batsave.htm for an idea.

Let me know what you think or I will solve it myself

$159.95 each

$499.95 each

HF/VHF/UHF SWR ANALYZER, .530-230 MHZ,430-520
$429.95 each

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