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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-269.

From: Practical Wireless Magazine

\"All in all, we were initially rather skeptical about the value of the MFJ analyser but are now wondering how we ever managed without one! We should also add a word of praise to whoever wrote the manuals for these units. Not only are they well-written, well illustrated and informative, they are also logically laid out and contain en passant a good deal of useful advice about antennas and feedlines.\"

An article in Practical Wireless magazine.


From: Robert berman W4SET
have used the MFJ-269 and it is a good device. Question: before i buy my own, when do you plan to make an analyzer like the MFJ-269 with a computer USB connection and a program to perform all the analysis the unit will do. Also, will 220 MHz be added? Everything has a price, but i would pay more for more features rather than have an "obsolete last years model" , not that a manual analyzer will ever become obsolete. reply to w4set@arrl.net .
thank you.

From: Rowland Brasch K7RWB
This instrument works great. I have one at home in my shack. We also ordered one for the Seattle Red Cross and use it a lot.

From: Jan Cronje ZS6JJC
Hi! I purchsed my 269 about a year ago and have put up an inverted-V for 160m and trimming the multiband vertical. I can't believe how I managed so far without it! An antenna tuner alone can be misleading. I use the 269 a lot with my Hybrids.

From: Al VE7CM
I've been borrowing a fellow amateur's 259 and thought this thing is great, takes all the old guess work out of any probem one could have with any antenna or feed line. The other day I came across one at a Swap Meet and picked a used MFJ-269 for a very reasonalbe price, in fact the price was so good I didn't even bother to barter it just handed the money to him. Like so many I don't know how I managed to setup an antenna for so many years without one. I've got a number of Bird meters, but they don't tell me what this things does, how many feet to a fault in a piece of coax. I use a number of full wave loop antennas and have had some issues with a couple of them it only took me seconds to fine the probem once I hooked up the MFJ-269.
I honestly don't know how I've managed to stay on the air without this single piece of equipment. If you find a used one grab it cause it won't last very long. New and used it's the single most used piece of test equipment you will own

From: Tevin
As I am used to with all MFJ products, the 269 is stellar. Just trying it out of the box, I've discovered that the antennas I thought were performing well could actually use a little tweaking! It's very hard to overrate this device...it does everything MFJ claims and is not like anything else on the market! My criticisms are small ones: The on-off switch is, literally, a square peg in a round hole! It is inset into to case and difficult to operate. The frequency counter function seems to lack sensitivity/stability, but it is perfectly useable. My big gripe is with the accessories, or lack of them. The 269 is very difficult to fit into the optional case. This issue could have been avoided with a side velcro flap. The case also covers the control knob markings. And good luck taking it out to change the batteries! Lastly, an instrument that costs almost $400 should include a power supply. C'mon guys! Sticking the customer for an extra $15 for a "wall wart" (which itself is waaayy overpriced) is just a cheap shot. I still love MFJ stuff but they need to clean up some details.

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