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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-2982.

From: Tom kc2mha
Pleasantly surprised with this vertical. Easy to setup. You can run wire either on outside of pole and attach to a ring on top or inside the antenna to the top (however you have to cut off the top foot or so of the antenna to allow the wires to pass through.) The radials/counterpoise can not be grounded or this antenna will not match. This runs into problems when it rains as the moisture tends to ground out radials and results in very high SWR. I swapped out the bare 12' wire radials with insulated wires and it helped a little when it rained. I was surprised this antenna can be fully extended on the ground and raised from horizontal to vertical very easily by one person. That's tough or impossible to do with heavy masts of similar size. Matching/tuning is done by manually moving the wander lead to the suggested tap on the coil. I was able to make contacts on 80m that I couldn't with my Chameleon zepp or shorter dipole with tuner. There has been some postings on the web about the matching section being miswired - I did not encounter that with mine. Overall I'm pleased and look forward to experimenting further with it.

From: Ron WA2FPR
Hi all,

I purchased this antenna system last week. Let me itemize my experiences with getting it to work. Yes, it does work, BUT:

1) Antenna installation:

I managed to telescope the pole to 33 feet. I tried to place the antenna wire inside the pole until I came across a plug at the top. I forced it in further. Forget that. So, I wound the wire along the outside of the pole. Simple install. No issues. I taped the seams with electrical tape for support.

2). Getting it to match up to the coax.

I installed the box, and adjusted the coil for 40 meters. I found that I had to cut off 2 feet of wire to resonate 40 on the lowest coil tap. No problem. Got the SWR 1:1 on 40 Meters. I also found that the same 40 meter tap allowed a 1:1 SWR on 15 meters, and 6 meters! Cool. 75 meters was easy on the 9th tap from the top of the coil. 200 Khz bandwidth under 1.5:1. I was just using a grounded fence as a mount. Cool.

Other bands: 14Mhz thru 30 Mhz. Quite a challenge. These bands did not get near resonance. I used a 1 foot piece of coax as a capacitor and I got 20 Meters to work, but I dropped this idea. I used an MFJ remote antenna tuner MFJ927 and just added the antenna wire to it. I got rid of the matching box. The tuner tunes all bands. I used a wired fence as a counterpoise. I added lots of counterpoise wire but did not realize any performance benefits or matching benefits. Time will tell. Also, 160 meters can resonate with a "by the rig tuner". I did not use it on 160 though. In summary, I think this antenna will work well for the low bands. You would have to make it smaller to work the higher bands well with no tuner. I think they must have used like 28 feet of wire to get their taps in the instruction manual for 17, and 15, etc. They do say you need a tuner for the higher bands.

Hey, I can say that this antenna is a 40, 15, and 6 meter automatic antenna from my experience. 73's.

The antenna looks real cool up there at 33 feet in the backyard. Stealthy and sleek.

From: Ken Miller N8CGY
Just received my antenna yesterday and it only took about a half hour to get things set up and tried it out. It loaded up easily and my first contact was an Alaskan station on 20 meter JT65 mode. One call and I snagged him from here in Michigan. One tip for those using this for portable operations (probably everyone); Go onto the MFJ website and download the PDF manual, take the page that has the coil tap instructions and trim it to leave only the coil taps info, laminate it and tape it to the inside of the matching network box. Since you have to remove the box cover to tap the coil, you have quick access to that info at your disposal wherever you install the antenna.

From: Bill Wheeler KG4ODX
Here is my review of the MFJ-2982 Feather-lite 80-6 meter vertical Antenna.
Simple to assemble, the black color blends into mother nature well, very light and easy to handle. The loading network consists of a balun and loading coil, for 80/75, 60, 40, 17 and 20. the loading coil is used for these bands, on 15, 12, 10 and 6 you bypass the loading coil and must use a tuner. The antenna is well made but not with the heaviest material. I had problems with 20m and 6 meters, on both bands the TS-2000 was not able to tune them. The position of the loading coil tap on 20 made no difference. Only by installing an out board tuner was I able load the antenna on 20 and 6 meters. I have the loading bypassed and use the MFJ-986 tuner on all bands, this works best for me. The metal building and close proximity to the Butternut Vertical may play into this issue. There are four 12 ft counterpoises that attach to the loading network on their own ground lug (light duty lug) made of copper coated steel wire that is springy so we made horse shoe clips and pushed them into ground with the provided eyelet to hold in place. We placed the loading network high on the fiberglass bottom section, this did a couple of things, it allowed the excess radiator wire so it was no longer going 2ft past the top of the fiberglass section and raised the counterpoise wires about 2ft above the ground and sloping down to the ground at about a 30deg angle, this seemed to work better for us. MFJ in the diagrams shows the loading network in three places but in the text they state that the matching unit is generally mounted on the antennas support pole a foot or so below the antenna base plug we did not do this and that may be part of of the problem on 20 and 6. We will try it below antenna base plug and what happens. After loading the 2982 up on 20meters this AM I received good reports from all stations heard with 100watts out put from the TS-2000. Also worked a Porto Rico station on 6 meters the exchanged signal reports were (real) 5x5 both ways. Overall I am well pleased with the antenna, priced at R&L Electronics $129,99. The MFJ-2982 would an excellent vacation/travel antenna, Emergency back up or even a daily use antenna but due to the light weight construction it may not hold up to harsh weather conditions or rough use.

From: Bill wheeler KG4ODX
Additional Comments:
We used portions of coat hangers to secure the ends of the 4 counter poise wires, not a good idea ! The instructions on page 2 clearly state counterpoise wire should be secured with non-conductive stakes.
We used wire ties and plastic tent pegs. Now everything is working great.
One other thing we did was replacing the ring lug and spade lug with banana plugs this works much better
Also we purchased the MFJ-1919 tripod, works great !!

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