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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-2990.

From: Per R. la7dha
Does it better on "all" bands than my W3DZZ setup. Happy with the configuration !
Thanks MFJ..

From: Josh KA7JUN
I have had one for 6+ months now and have not had any problems with it at all. We have had 35-40mph winds and gust at 60+ here in WY(Dec 09) and it has faired well, it does get to swaying in the high winds but has made it so far. I got it because the wife did not want to put up a beam here at the house, and this antenna disappears into the skyline pretty well. I have an MFJ-989c for a tuner and a TS-2000. I have been able to tune 80m-6m very well over all the bands. I have had some difficulty getting 160m to tune well but have no doubt come spring time with a little adjustment it will do fine. I have it mounted on a 10' pole that is cemented in the ground 4'. I also used the radial plate(MFJ-2812) and radial kit(MFJ-1932),I plan on adding more and longer radials in time. Over all opinion is it is a great all band antenna and is a very easy install.

From: Kevin WW0JD
I use this antenna for mostly 40 Meters CW and once in a while on 20 Meters also. I have owned it for about 4 months. It has handled 45 MPH winds without damage. Mine is elevated about 7 feet and the radials are elevated as well. I am very pleased with the instructions, antenna quality and performance. I'm glad I chose this antenna as I was considering many different brands and models. This is a very simple but highly effective antenna!
Kevin WW0JD

From: Kevin WWJD
I thought I'd add a note to say that I've had my 2990 up for over a year now. We had many major storms in less than ten days here in the South. It's April 27, 2011. My 2990 is unguyed and survived nicely. I havs also replaced the balun with a remote autotuner that I acquired in a trade. Wow! You would not believe the improvement! If you run this antenna and can afford a remote autotuner I would highly reccomend it!

From: AL K3ROJ
Never thought too much about the 43 foot antennas but when I purchased one to try out in West Virginia at our summer home, I was so surprised I could work 160 through 10 meters using an old Heathkit roller inductor tuner in the shack. I am thinking about getting another one to operate dual diversity and possibly QSK using my Flex Radio 5000A. I like 160 meters and have worked almost all states and a lot of DX. No radial system, just a copper pipe driven 8 feet in the rocky ground. K3ROJ.

From: Marcel Livesay N5VU
I must say, it is pretty impressive. I put it together in about the estimated "hour" and made only one mistake. I will mention my mistake first and give everyone a heads up on assembly. When you mount the balun with its hose clamps, please be sure to not rotate the balun clamps around to where they short out against the mounting plate. That is exactly what I did.

I use the Ameritron ATR-30 tuner which "Tunes" a pretty wide range but all my tuning was very, VERY sharp. Plus, the thing wouldn't receive worth a poot! In essence, all I was loading was the 80' piece of RG-213 going to the balun.

After I figured out my stupid mistake, I rotated the balun around (just like in picture of it on the web-site)and everything came together as advertised. War-lar, it now receives, takes the AL-82 and is a bit broader in bandwidth.

I placed a RF choke about 1' from the balun. It is 20' of RG-213 wrapped around a piece of 4" sewer pipe. This is a "must" with virtualy any antenna to stop the shield of the coax from acting like another radial and delivering RF back into your shack. Stray RF does crazy things. Some are painful.

Placed the 2990 right in the middle of our back yard on a piece of pipe cemented into a post hole of 28". This vertical is my Winter DX antenna for low bands and my wife says it has to come down when the spring comes. No problem, very easy to do. (As advertised.)

I layed down 24 radials around it. Seventeen (17) of the radials are 43 feet long. The remainder are from 15 to 30 feet. My wire of choice is Electric Fence wire. A thousand feet cost about $17.00. I have the radials laying on top of the ground and are anchored by 8" nails at the ends.

I worked TX7M (40-20-17), 3XY1D on 40. the first evening. I reccommend all who purchase this (or any vertical for that matter) to do some web searches for "Vertical radials." This is very, VERY important. The radials are much like the Hokey Pokey, "That's what it's all about!"

73, God Bless, Great DX. Marcel N5VU

From: Rod Smith N4ZIF
Excellent performance 6 thru 80 meters, not so good on 160. Excellent wind resistance. Easy set-up and take down. Would buy again. N4ZIF

I ordered the 2990 vertical a couple of months ago. Ultimately I also ordered the 2910 matching network for 80/160. It's not well documented and you have to dig for it. The purchase of the matching network about doubles the price, unfortunately. However, I've installed it over the last couple of weeks. The antenna goes up in a couple of hours if the infrastructure is complete. In my case, I had to dig a hole, install a mast, pour concrete, install the antenna, install guy ropes, trench 200 feet, insert my lmr400 coax in a Pex water pipe for protection (I highly recommend this), drill a hole in my basement wall and run a cable another 50 feet to the station. It took about 15 hours over two weeks. Yesterday I got the antenna online and tested it all night. It tunes up well on all bands 160 - 6 and my first nights QSO's were on 80, 40 and 20. It works really well and I'm very pleased. I recommend it highly, just don't think you'll get it up in an afternoon. KC9WPS

From: Scott Sherer KC9WPS
This is my second report on my new MFJ-2990 antenna that I installed a few weeks ago. In these challenging band conditions I've been doing Europe, Patagonia (6,500 miles) and United Arab Emirates, all from Wisconsin. This is a fantastic antenna and I may take down all of my dipoles and OCF's next summer if my experience holds up over the winter. I recommend this antenna highly. A+. KC9WPS

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