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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-3213.

From: Tim Bass N7NJI
In less than 30 days I was ready for my General and with the help of the MFJ Study Guide I passed the first test with flying colors.
The material is presented in a format that makes learning a snap. Why study the wrong answer?
The MFJ study guide only shows the CORRECT answer and the book contains the entire and current question pool.
With other study guides one sees the 3 incorrect answers as well as the correct answer and why waste time learning that way? ......DUH!
I was so impressed I am planning on getting the EXTRA study guide and going for that license as well.

From: Robert Griffin
Last weekend I took both the technical and general class exams at one setting. I was very impressed with the study manual provided by MFJ. The manual allowed me to go forward very quickly. I would highly recommend this product as a study aid.

From: J. Edward Parker N7TOC
Great product. I studied for slightly less than three months and passed my General upgrage first time. I highly recommend these courses for an easier time learning what is necessary for you to pass your exam the first time. Whether the Tech, the General, or the Extra I believe it will take most people less time to learn what is necessary to pass an exams, the first time. Good luck and 73,s

From: Don K6DKO
Yep, this is the way to pass the test. It took me about a month to study and I passed my General the first try. I just ordered the Extra study guide and plan on taking the next test soon!

SUPER HI-Q LOOP, 36~ DIA, 10-30 MHZ, 220VAC
$449.95 each

AUTO TUNER, 1.5KW, 1.8-30 MHZ
$699.95 each

$119.95 each

COBWEB,HF,1/2 WAVE, 5-BD,10,12,15,17,20 M,300W
$219.95 each

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