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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-4225MV.

From: Carl Lodström KQ6AX
It is about 2 - 3 years now since i bought this little P/S. It was with great hesitance I did so. As an RF Engineer I am fully aware of the RFI such P/S can generate, and I would need that as a hole in the head! Having got my fill of Mickey Mouse riggings with old car batteries (acid on the floor) and various transformer - rectifiers, barely supplying the average current consumption during QSO, I caved in and bought the 4335MW. After about one hour I realized that I would not want to be without it and the question was why I had not bought one long ago!

The RFI? Sure, with a small indoor antenna, that does not pick up much traffic from outside, right near the P/S, I can hear some, here and there. To hear it is not the same as having interference. Already with an outdoor wire dipole on the Rx the Galactic noise and signal levels are so high that the P/S has disappeared long ago!

No RFI problems at all.

25 A is a considerable current. When I have forgot the lights on and the car do not start, it only takes a few minutes to put in enough juice for a start. When measuring how much various loads in the car consumed, it was easy enough to connect the supply, adjust the voltage for just about 0 A. Turning on any load now (but for the starter) made the P/S read what current was used.

So, go get yours! You will not regret it!

73's de Carl.

From: Damon KC5CQW
My initial skepticism for this little power supply was not warranted. It drives my Kenwood TS-450S at full 125w with no problems and my sensitive Elecraft K2 hears no noise. In fact, I can turn the power supply off and run on the internal battery with no change in the RX at ANY frequency or band.
Simply put, this power supply does not generate any detectable RFI at my station!

I set the voltage control so that my K2's internal voltage reads 13.8V. This was to compensate for a polarity protection diode that is inline with the internal gel-cel battery.
Now the battery receives the proper voltage for charging. No voltage fluctuation has been measured. It is nice and stable.

One feature that I would have liked is a temperature/load variable fan control. The fan does run at a constant speed and some operators may find the noise objectionable. Personally, It does not bother me. It sits on the bottom shelf of my desk about 3 feet below my radios. I use a 3" external speaker on the TS-450S and with a 1/4 or greater setting on the volume control it can't be heard over the radio.
The fan does move a good bit of air into the PS and dust accumulation may be an issue depending on the station environment.

I do like the positions of the power connections being in the front. This makes it very easy to access the ports and inspect them as needed.

The meters are just the right size and the lamps provide a gentle warm glow. They make a great finish to the setup.

Well done MFJ!

73, Damon KC5CQW

From: Stephen Shook AJ4FZ
power supply has functioned flawlessly for 2 years now with the exception of the meter lamps which went out 2 days out of the warranty period.

From: Tom Averett AE6WL
THE BEST PORTABLE POWER SUPPLY MADE. I use it for field day, R.A.C.E.S FIELD OPERATIONS and other things.

From: Elijah kj6low
This by far is the best power supply it runs my HF and mobile quad band radios with no hesitation and the price is right.
I say buy one you won't regret it.

73s KJ6LOW

From: D Cherry OC 3256
Whisper quiet fan about like a old world war 2 bomber in your radio room room!

From: Steve WA5SAT
Great little power supply and appreciate the 25 amps in a small size. Cig lighter plug is a plus.

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COBWEB HF,1/2 WAVE, 5-BD, 10,12,15,17,20M 1.5KW
$249.95 each

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