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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-4245MV.

From: Milburn W. Schumaker N0KGO
Great power supply it will power all of my equipment with ease.

From: Nick Lerro W3NRL
i had my 4245 for 4 years and is on 24/7 and now looking to get another
in the near future. i recommend this product.

From: Robert Settle KD4KFV
Just purchased this 45 amp supply and I am impressed. It is clean and quiet except for the fan. Fan makes a little to much noise, But placed under the desk it won't bother you at all. Other than that I recomend it.

From: James KB5RIR
I have ran the 4245MV and run around a killowat of power and have NEVER had any problems.

MFJ, you got it RIGHT with this outstanding power supply!!!

From: Richard A. Folkes N3WOH
I bought this power supply in 1995 when I received my first amateur radio license. It is in use every day since I do not own any other. There was never any reason to repair or service this device. It has worked without failure from the day that it was purchased. The MFJ-4245MV powers all my QRP and QRO equipment. Thank you for providing such a well made product. Richard, N3WOH.

From: Cliff kc0sdv
Very pleased with the power supply ... it is not even breathing hard with a 200 watt VHF amplifier and a 25 watt radio. Also have the 4125 which is also been very good. 73

From: Joe Fijol KJ4SSX
This replaced a more expensive power supply that was surged in a lightning storm. Since I replaced it with the 4245, I have gotten many compliments about how good, strong, and clean my signals are. All this from such a small size, light weight 40 amp DC supply. If you are in the market for a light weight "Go anywhere-anytime" power supply, this is it!

From: Eric Anderson W4FSA
Light weight, Low Noise, runs at 40A all day long if needed.
NASSAU County ARES uses three in Comm Trailer for Buss A, Buss B, plus redundant. The ability to dial units up to AGM charging range is a Bonus. Remember to use high power Schottkys for reverse polarity protection to PS and your equiptment.

$99.95 each

$39.95 each

COBWEB HF,1/2 WAVE, 5-BD, 10,12,15,17,20M 1.5KW
$249.95 each

$199.95 each

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