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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-616.

From: Max M. Archer

This is not a complaint, but a Thank You, for providing the \"Enhancer\" to your fellow Ham\'s. I am 93 years old, have been a Ham since 1918, or 1920. Just think what your hearing will be like in another 37 years.

I have spent a fortune on Hearing Aids, with poor results. Your article in your Ham Catalog, sounded good, talked to another Ham who was very satisfied with his Enhancer, K7SUN. So I ordered the whole package.

I tried using my HiFi Warfdale Speakrs - not bad, but your small 4\" Speakrs are the answer. They are crisp & of course, work great with the Enhancer.

I have 4 Transceivers on the low bands, 3 UHF UNITS on 2 Meters and 70 Centimeters. Also, an all Band Collins 51J Receiver.

The above units are fed into the Enhancer, through a Switching NETWORKS. I have adjusted each output gain to match the Enhancer. So I don\'t have to adjust their gain. Works great. I also purchased a second Enhancer which I use on a large screen TV, and drive 4 12\" warfdale speakers.

For the first time, I can now understand what is being said.

Again, Thank You very much.

P.S. I was in the Sound Department at Warner Brothers Studio when Sound Pictures first came in. I can appreciate good sound, not the junk we see on TV today.

Max M. Archer

From: Steve Ford WB8IMY

\"The MFJ-616 Speech Intelligibility Enhancer is designed in recognition of the fact that many of us need effective assistance to counterbalance our hearing disabilities, whether due to aging, illness, injury... or mistakes in our youth. Even those without hearing deficiencies, however, will enjoy the ability to tailor their receive audio. The benefits of the MFJ-616 are so profound, yet the design is so clear-cut, it almost makes you kick yourself for not thinking of it first!\"

See the full review in the April 2001 issue of QST Magazine.


EXTRA-LONG SS,TEL ANT, 17 FT,3/8-24,SS(758-1193-7)
$59.95 each

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$199.95 each

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