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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-655B.

From: Don Berry N4TTS
I purchased my first MFJ-655B hamProAudio Equalizer/Conditioner over a year ago and have enjoyed every minute I have operated my station with the device.

I have a Kenwood TS-870 and Heil PR-780 microphone which I thought would prove to be a winning transmit audio combination. It turned out to be close to what I wanted in transmitted audio quality but I still wanted to do some more tweaking.

I wanted to eleminate the fan and other background noises in my shack whenever I would pause with an open mic as well as I hated the way the radio's internal speech compressor colored the transmit audio. Lastly, even though the Heil mic was a vast improvement over any other microphones I had tried on the 870, it still needed some equalization to flaten out the mic and radio transmit audio passband response curve.

The MFJ hamProAudio Equalizer/Conditioner has surpassed my expectations in every respect and has allowed me to tailor my transmit audio to exactly what I was wanting to present.

The downward expansion noise gating is transparent to the listener and completely removes the ambient background noise in my shack. The eight band equalizer has enabled me to adjust my transmit audio bandbass to exactly what I wanted to sound like and the slight bit of compression I run keeps my average drive level up without sounding like a contester on steroids.

I constantly get unsolicited compliments on my transmit audio quality and I have never received any complaints from operators on either side of my operating frequency about splatter or out of bandpass interference.

I liked the 655B so much I bought a second unit and used it to mate a Heil Goldline microphone wired for my TS-870 to my Icom IC706MIIG. This was another pleasant surprise being able to configure the jumpers on the microphone input side of the 655B for a different radio manufacturer's microphone pinout from the radio I configured the output side of the device to connect to.

Once again I have a near studio quality transmit audio signal on all modes and bands the IC706MIIG can transmit on. I get fantastic transmit audio reports from the people I talk to, especially on VHF and UHF FM.

I originally looked at rack gear, Julius boxes and the entire gamut the "audio" crowd normally uses. I didn't want the RFI/ground loop headaches nor the room full of equipment the rack gear stuff normally comes with and I didn't like the bulkiness, the need to buy two separate boxes or the ergonomics the Julius boxes present.

In closing I have to say I am extremely pleased with the purchase and continued use of both of my MFJ-655B hamProAudio Equalizer/Conditioners and would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to enhance their transmit audio signal no matter what radio or mic combination they might have.

One very happy cutomer,

Don Berry N4TTS

From: John Marks KC3FL
Recently purchased the 655-B. This is not a piece of equipment that you simply plug in and start using. It will require several hours of adjusting and re-reading the instructions. When you get it right, it is awesome. Well worth the setup effort. Great audio reports. One contact said my signal level was well below the noise level, however my audio could be copied over the noise. You learn so much how speech works and how we hear it and how our radio transmits it. The 655 simply attenuates the unintelligible part of our audio and it amplifies the intelligent part without increasing the overall energy transmitted. You have to decrease your mic drive considerably and keep an eye on your AGC. On the air reports are the final adjusting tool. It is awesome when a contact says you are Q5 with studio quality sound and then you turn off the 655 and your contact starts saying, "where did you go?".

Reread instructions as you become familiar with unit.
Experiment, turn knobs and push buttons, watch what they do.
On the air contacts are the ultimate tool.
Keep trying new settings until you get it right.

It is very easy to overdrive your rig. Don't be afraid to drop your mic gain. I have an FT-1000-MP that I set the mic gain at 12 oclock without the 655. With the 655 it is between 6 or 7 o'clock. The speech processor has an unbelievable gain.

Don't buy the RJ-45 cable or the 8 pin adapter, It comes with the 655.

Don't give up, it takes a while to set up , but when you get it right, it is right.

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