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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-711B.

From: John Morman KE5YGC
NOTES; Install Between Roof top T.V.Antenna and Booster amp.
Install closes too 300ohm flat wire adapter to 75ohm as posable.
DO NOT install at rear of T.V. (no effect). john KE5YGC
The best I've seen 5/5

From: Mary Lupo

I have received this item yesterday. I turned on the tv and I was getting the problem where I get crackling and lines and a poor signal on the tv. I then took this filter, connected it to the jack where the satellite cable goes and then connected the satellite cable to this filter, and as soon as I did that it stopped. This seems to be a great item in eliminating this problem, as the noise and poor pictures was driving me crazy. I was about to buy a new tv or get a new receiver from the satellite company, but it wasn't either of these things, so now I can buy a new tv in the future and not worry about this problem happening to the new tv either. I can still enjoy my current tv in the meantime, until I can afford a new one. Great product I highly recommend it. I can't believe a little gadget like this would do the trick. Thanks a lot for my sanity as it was very bad. I would like to contact the people who is causing this but I can't accuse anyone as I don't know who they are. I used to call them poltergeists, but now they are gone.

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HF STICK, 20M, 3/8
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