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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-752D.

From: Kevin WWJD
The operation of the filter is pretty straight forward and easy to learn. If you've ever used its older cousin the MFJ-721 you will feel right at home. This model filter adds an auxilliary filter and has two input choices. I would buy this again and I like the new appearance with the all-black case. It is helping me with an IC-706MKIIG. I decided not to pay for all the separate filters for the rig. This filter enhances the signal and appearance of my station! Sincerely, WWJD

From: Bob AH5E
Many thanks for just making a great Signal Enhancer! WILL it help? It Sure will! Now I can justify spending the little it costs for checking out other great gear as well!! tnx guys!

From: David Richards KA2YDS
I recently purchased the MFJ-752D and WOW! What a difference! The Noise Limiter alone is worth the price of the filter. The Notch feature, the Low Pass positions have made a significant difference during those noisy 75M nets. Thank you for a great product. Also, the offer to return any item in 30 days was a drawing point for me. Keep up the good work!

HF STICK, 40M, 3/8
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MOUNT, 5~ MAG, 3/8
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3/8-24, DOUBLE T P
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