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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-828.

From: Marcel Livesay N5VU
Arrived in good shape. All parts and connections in place. Worked great right out of the box! The auto-ranging analog meter is a pretty cool item. Of course the auto-ranging digital meter is good also. The menu is easy to figure out even if you didn't have the instructions. The frequency counter is accurate. Keep in mind that the frequency counter works just like any other frequency counter, it needs a solid carrier to measure. It will not measure SSB. DUH!
The digital display will keep the last transmission peak power information displayed. The analog meter will keep the reading displayed long enough for you to actually read the meter before it goes back to zero.
I suppose the best part about this meter is it comes with both analog and digital readouts. The analog accuracy appears to match my other meters as well. I compared it to my AL-82 meter and it matched. This was into a dummy load as well as throgh my ATR-30 and Palstar BT1500 tuner. Keep in mind that a mismatched antenna will give you some inaccurate meter readings.
73 & Great DX de N5VU

From: Craig Halbert
A wonderful station addition that is cosmetically pleasing, matches perfectly with my Icom. Accuracy is dead on in mid-range and minimal reflection in high-range compared to my Bird 43. The SWR alarm is indeed handy if you're not running an automatic antenna tuner and you neglect to make the necessary adjustments. The meter is well lit, perfect white in color contrasting nicely with the easy-to-read analog meter. The LED display is subtly back lit, my eyesight isn't the greatest but I could clearly read the information displayed from a distance of five feet. For the price you won't be disappointed in quality build and features.

WATTMETER, 1.8-525 MHZ, 200 W
$109.95 each

ANT, MAG MT, 2/6M, 5/8 WAVE, RG58 PL-259/BNC
$26.95 each

$299.95 each

$44.95 each

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