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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-847.

From: Dan NC6O
I don't generally write reviews, but this product was so good, I felt motivated to let others know about it. It's first major advantage is size. It's small and lightweight and because there are no moving parts, much tougher than analog meters with sensitive needles mechanisms that are prone to shock damage. You would have no hesitation taking this meter with you to the mountain top or in a backpack for field day.

I've owned about every type of watt/swr meter over the years starting when I got my license back in 1980. I've had a Bird 43, MFJ, Daiwa and Diamond. MFJ has nailed what you want a watt/swr meter to do with this model 847--strong, compact, and accurate. At one glance, you see forward and reflected power AND SWR instantly in a digital display readout. No more interpreting what the meter range is set to, no switching a button to get reflected SWR--and precision down to .01 scale. While you may not generally need to know accuracy down to that level, it will be very handy when fine tuning an amplifier, as it was for me.

It runs on 2 internal AAA batteries or you can connect it to any USB port for continuous power (USB power cord included, but surprisingly, two AAA batteries are not--might suggest MFJ starting putting two generic AAA batteries in the box for the customer!) It has a backlight you can switch on or off.

As to the most important part--accuracy, this meter was right on. I checked it against several expensive meters at the local HRO store in San Diego and against several other meters that I know are accurate (including a Bird type). and it read correctly from handheld levels of 3-5 watts (VHF and UHF) all the way up to the rated output from a mobile known to put out 65 watts on VHF and my BD35 amplifier putting out known 48/38 VHF/UHF. By the way, the San Diego HRO staff is great.

Some meters are good for lower ranges and not so good on higher power or vice versa or favor one band over another. This one seemed not to care at all. Rated up to 120 watts, it will work for anything in the 2M and 440 bands without changing any switches (in fact there are no switches other than on/off and the light). With a range of 125-525, it is broader than some other expensive competitors, putting the "sweet spot" bands we want right in the middle.

Highly recommended and kudos to the MFJ engineering department. NC6O

$159.95 each

$159.95 each

HF/VHF/UHF SWR ANALYZER, .530-230 MHZ,430-520
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