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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-8709.

From: Mark A. Lacy W5TXR
This is a great ATV transmitter however the transmit power is very limited to about 500 mW (1/2 watt) continous.

I have discovered a fix for this. You can run this at full power 4.5 - 5.0 Watts.
Find an aluminum CPU heatsink with a fan (+12V) many of them will be the correct size for the ATV transmitter module. Use two small screws to secure the module to the heatsink and as long as the fan is running (and you allow for plenty of air circulation) The transmitter will transmitt continously and not even get warm.
If you e-mail me I can e-mail you some pics of my ATV and heatsink. I will also tell you where you can get the CPU heatsinks. Don't Waste your time going to Radio Shack, They don't have anything anymore.

mark (AT) w5txr (DOT) net

Mark A. Lacy
Schertz, TX

ARRL Asst. Technical Coordinator, STX
ARRL Certified Teacher/Instructor

TUNER, AUTO, 600W, MTR, 1.8-30 MHZ
$359.95 each

$199.95 each

QRP TRAVEL RADIO, 6-BAND, 80/40/30/20/17/15
$229.95 each

$24.95 each

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