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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-901B.

From: Dave Casler KE0OG
I've used my 901B for probably two decades now and have found it to be quick and effective. I've used it particularly to tune antennas (both dipole and loop) fed with balanced (ladder/window) line. I have a little outboard SWR meter. I just set it for reflected power and tune until there isn't any. 1:1 SWR every time! For a quick and easy entry-level tuner, this is the right one. Oh, once my station was hit by lightning, taking out several pieces of equipment. One of the variable capacitors in the 901B was welded slightly. I gently broke the weld and now it's as good as new. It's in service now tuning window line (450 ohm) to a full-length 80m loop--I can tune it on all bands, 80-10, with 1:1 SWR. Very convenient! For my next tuner, I'll probably move (way) up to the MFJ-993B, an automatic tuner with crossed needles. One thing I really like about MFJ is their long term commitment to their products--I can always find the manual online and ask questions.

From: Alan Vega WA6MOW
This is till the best tuner for the money. Auto tuners are great but for travel and portable work with odd antennas, this tuner can't be beat. No batteries or external power required. You can tune a door knob with this little guy.

From: Dave Cuthbert WX7G
The MFJ-901B tuner is a best buy; small, efficient and capable. Running 300 watts to an antenna presenting a 3:1 SWR the tuner runs cool. I can detect no heating.

I have used it to tune ladder line fed dipoles, OCF dipoles, end fed wires, and verticals. It has tuned them all.

From: Robert J. Hanson KX9RJ
Very reliable little tuner. I generally use it with a 60 foot long wire for 40 Meters and 80 Meters. I took it to several Boy Scout campouts, just toss a wire into a tree and talk to Canada! Was very surprised to find out that competitor's autotuners do not have the matching range that this manual baby has.

From: Tory Vaughan KF4OKF
Good tuner for any transmitter under 200W. I use my 901B to tune my radio for use with a delta loop for 160M with ladder line . I'm able to tune all hf bands with this tuner. If you are looking for a good tuner and aren't going to run high power, I recommend this tuner.

From: Ross KB5JCX
I forgot to add! I have been using this tuner on a TS-520 for the last thirty years!

$89.95 each

HF/VHF/220MHZ/UHF,.530-230,415-470MHZ,SWR ANALYZER
$399.95 each

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ANT, MAG MT, 2/6M, 5/8 WAVE, RG58 PL-259/BNC
$26.95 each

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