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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-9040.

From: James Cummings WB8VMW
I bought a 9040 from a friend and put a invert v up in a hurry and tuned it in flat and hung it up along with my wife's close line. At first I wasn't sure I was getting anywhere but then I had a come back and the rest of the night it was smooth sailing. The little rig was a real surprise and a joy to operate. Thanks for making good equipment for hams and want-to-be hams.

From: Jim Giercyk N2SUB
I bought my 9040 in 1991 while I was waiting for my Tech Plus ticket to arrive. The rig has been with me in 7 station locations and on numerous business trips, and has never let me down. I will be traveling next week, and I am planning on taking it with me. I cracked it open yesterday to align it - the alignment procedures are in the operator manual! - and after all these years everything was still to spec, and it is still pumping out 5 watts with ease.

On the air it is one of the easiest rigs I have ever used. The speaker is a welcome addition to a QRP rig....many only have a phone jack in order to save space. I have also installed the optional Filter and Keyer boards, and I recommend you do the same.

The only repair I've ever needed to do was to replace the relay. The part was easy to replace, the rig is very easy to work on, and MFJ sent me an upgraded relay which is better than the original.

I made my first HF contact on my 9040, and 18 years later it is still serving me well. Most manufacturers change their design or upgrade the features on their rigs every few years. The 9040 has not changed. That speaks volumes....there's nothing that needs to be improved. It's everything MFJ claims, and for the price you would be crazy not to make this your first choice for a factory made single band QRP unit!!

From: Terry KE5YUM
This is a great beginner's radio for CW operations. I have my rig connected to a G5RV hoisted at 20 feet and have been able to make contacts at 500 miles. The integrated CW set is a great value for someone looking for an affordable option.

From: Terry Hall KE5YUM
I want to add an additonal comment concerning my MFJ-9040. I have been using a 140 foot, long-wire antenna for the unit, and the combination works great. With the antenna attached to the tuner and a jumper placed in the correct position, and with the antenna hung between 20 and 35 feet above the ground, I am able to make contacts to nearly 1000 miles away in this solar minimum.

From: Glenn O'Donnell K3PP
I bought my 9040 several years ago, shortly after MFJ introduced the series, and made a bunch of QSOs before it (and ham radio in general) went on the back burner for a while. I recently dusted it off and started enjoying QRP again, from my weekend cabin.

Most of my over 52,000 QSOs are at QRO, but I'm still captivated by the magic of QRP! Almost all of my QRP QSOs are domestic, but I've managed to work some Europeans with it and even after all these years and many of them in neglect, my MFJ-9040 still works the magic! I love it for its simplicity, it low cost, and above all, it's performance!

I installed the optional keyer and narrow filter, both of which I recommend highly.

VY 73 de Glenn K3PP (19-Oct-2009)

From: Scott Laughin n7net
I've owned my 9040 about 12 years. I'm running it on a solar panel and batter. With the power output throttled back to a measured 2-watts I make contacts all over North America using a G5RV at home or a hamstick if I'm portable.

The rig is ideal for solar power because there's no microprocessor or graphics burning power.

Would I but another one? Absolutely

From: Phillip Sanford AF8H
One of the best super small QRP ssb/cw travel radios I have ever owned. Have owned three of these radios over the years, 20 Meter and 40 Meter versions. I use it over my FT-817 on 40 Meters because the receiver has a lower noise level and I get better audio reports on SSB ..... af8h

From: Jim Cummings WB8VMW
I have a 9040 & 9020 and they are vary rugged and simple to operate. I have dropped them off my bike and picked it up and it was dented but still operating just fine. Super product and if the rest of your equipment is built the same you must have a lot of pride in your product. Thanks

From: Ray KC0WMN
I got my 9040 and within 30 minutes had checked alignment, I say checked, there was not one adjustment was needed. However one needs to check. Another 10 minutes and I had the optional MFJ-412 Iambic keyer module and the MFJ-726 CW filter installed and the unit was buttoned back up. I went very slow because Murphy rides wid me, HI. I highly recommend the optionals for sure but usually leave the CW filter in Bypass. Within the hour I had it hooked up to my MFJ-949E tuner and dipole at 40 feet pounding my MFJ straight key and was making contacts around the US with reports as good as 5/9. I did a lot of research to go QRP, with the mods included you can't beat the price. The performance is exceptional. I plan to do another for 20 Meters. This light weight unit fits in a backpack easily, and is very portable. Have fun! 73s

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