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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-908.

From: David NK5G
I purchaced the MFJ-908 to assist my Hustler antenna system which using the MO-4 mast. I needed to add inductive matching to account for the capacitive reactants from the short antenna. I am real happy with the results.

Although the ideal place to add a coil of this type is at the antenna, I placed mine at the transmitter for easy access to adjust the values when I change Hustler resonators. It works just fine at the transmitter.

Keep in mind that this is used to keep the exciter happy not to change the electrical physics of the antenna itself. So if you have 2:1 SWR before adding the MFJ-908 you will still have an antenna with 2:1 SWR. You are just adjusting the inductance so the exciter sees a 1:1 thus reducing exciter fold back, etc.

I'd recommend this product for anyone using short compromised HF antennas. In fact I'd say it's a must for these types of antennas.

From: Robert C Albright KB9NZX
Just Purchashed the MFJ-908 Antenna Matcher, I cannot say enough good words for this Product it did everything MFJ said it would. The Little matcher solved all my problems. I recommend it to anyone with antenna matching problems.

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EXTRA-LONG SS,TEL ANT, 17 FT,3/8-24,SS(758-1193-7)
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