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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-9240.

From: Vic Alfonsi WA6MCL
Trying to replace my older Heathkit rig for field and camping use, the MFJ-9200 looked like the ticket. It was quickly shipped, the staff was helpful, and it worked right out of the box. It does not have provisions for built-in batteries, and frankly, it is so small they would not even fit in the box! It is easy to use, and works as stated. QSK is not adjustable or too fast and the power output is fixed, except by voltage. The easy-to-remove thumbscrews to change band modules is a bit cumbersome and care must be taken not to bend the insertion pins. The autosense internal keyer works great, along with the built-in CQ programmable memory. The display panel is easy to read even in low light if you switch on the backlighting option. The RIT is quite broad and a great feature if working a rock bound station who calls you off frequency. The CW/SSB filter has nice rejection not seen in other mini radios at this price. The multi-band capabilities make it versatile. A fun radio to work from home or the field. You can also use as it as I did with an external mini QRO amplifier kit making it 20 watts out, but the current draw means you will need larger batteries to take along. The only suggestion I can make is to add SWR and power output to the display as it might save taking along an extra meter with the tuner for odd antenna lengths.WA6MCL.

1.8-225, 350-540 M
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HF STICK, 40M, 3/8
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