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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-9320K.

From: Nico PD9W
Bought myself a full assembled MFJ-9320K on Ebay. Freq-Mite added. Very good results with 1W into my Falcon Outback 2000 antenna. Sharp receiver. Nice QRP piece of work from MFJ!

From: Doc C WB0FDJ
My first kit in forever. Was a bit nervous about tackling this but I had nothing to be worried about. This is an excellent beginner or first time project and I would recommend it to anyone who can read and solder. Just make sure you know how to solder correctly, the most common error is poor soldering technique. This is a truly wonderful radio. All the parts were there. They have a good intro and give step by step instructions (kinda like the old Heath manuals) so that it's pretty much impossible to screw this up. My radio worked from the first application of power. Alignment was easy and uncomplicated (they give you several methods to choose from). Once aligned I put the rig on my MFJ Loop (because it has a wattmeter) and was adjusting for max output of 2.5 W and right away worked a W7 in WA state 559 from MN. Next two QSO's were a W1 in ME and a VE1. The antenna is INDOORS! I also bought the 40 M kit. Yes it drifts at first but after 20 minutes or so it settles down. I have had a ton of fun with this.

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TUNER, 300W, 1.8-3
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