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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-9420X.

From: Richard A. Folkes N3WOH
I bought the MFJ-9420X almost a year ago. Contacts in Europe, Columbia, South America, Canada and the Caribbean are easy and routine with 5/9 signal reports. I use a homebrew 20 meter dipole with MFJ 10 foot whips. QSOs in California are effortless from my location in Maryland. This is a great little radio. MFJ should market a multiband version.
Richard, N3WOH

From: dante w6dgr
I have traveled from Whidbey Island, Washington to San Diego, California and back at least twice a year only having a 20M hamstick and this radio, got in touch with all my friends I talk to on the air. My brother-in-law even monitored my travel. This radio served it's purpose and I wish I never took it home to the Philippines on my last vacation. Now I am buying another one due to the excellent performance. My dad who has a DU3 call took it away from me.

From: Bob W8YZR
Great little radio. Has nice sounding audio and it's simple to use.

From: Dave Amundson KF5DIU
My MFJ-9420x arrived yesterday. Within a half hour I had the radio attached to my G5RV Junior antenna that I have hanging within the rafters of my 2 story home. I tuned my new 9420 to the antenna with a MFJ-949E. Upon turning the power on I was pleasantly surprised to hear multiple crisp signals coming in. Within a few minutes of turning the radio on I had made a contact with a station in Michigan. Not bad since I live on the shores of the Galveston Bay, Texas gulf coast.

I purchased the MFJ-9420x to install in my vacation home. I can't wait to see how it will preform with a simular antenna/tuner. I'm sure I'll have a more indepth review once it is permently installed but if first impressions add up to satisfaction I have high hopes for this QRP radio.

In addition to my previous review, I would suggest MFJ to add a keyer for this nice transceiver like the optional one for the 90XX transceivers. Maybe the 415B option CW module could incorporate the keyer !!! Otherwise, as I already said, the 94XX (mine is a 9420X) is absolutely a nice little SSB (+ CW with optional 415B pcb module) transceiver very funny and easy to use. It outperforms my higher valued FT817ND as regard the receiver audio.

Aestetically, I like very much this little old fashion transceiver rememinding me of the 70's CB radios. I like the analog S-meter and the fact that this radio does not have unuseful bells and whistles like the today's tendency wants. It has a receiver audio which is unbelievable for such a simple and little rig. Mine delivers 8W with the carrier button depressed and abt. 7W in CW mode. I have to shout a bit or speak close to the microphone however to see the S-meter deflect and some power and speech output. I have re-aligned the L5 and L6 and retouched the R61 as per instruction manual with little improvement. If I push the PTT without speaking into the microphone I get somewhat 1W output carrier which is quite strange for SSB... Will try another microphone soon. Furthermore, the speaker audio output is very strong, stronger than the 'brother' MFJ 9020. Obviously you cannot compete in a pileup but if you can hear a DX station with a quiet band and you have a decent antenna like my Hexbeam you will most probably make the QSO. Remember, whatever radio you have, the most important thing in order to have success is your... antenna !! So don't be angry if you call and call withut any reply when using a 1 meter whip... You can tweak and adjust the radio with ease as per the instruction manual. This radio is very sturdy and can withstand any mechanical abuse. Please do not consider this transceiver to be meant only for beginners; it will make fine service also to old timers like me. I highly recommend this radio to anyone ! 73's de Alex HB9DTA

From: George WA2IHE
At first the rig would not transmit. The PTT switch inside the mic is hot glued in place and came loose, fixed it. The audio processing meter (S meter) did not indicate audio level but I was getting good reports of 5-9. Found pot R61 fully cw and when it is backed off you begin to see the meter respond to audio processing level. Audio is pretty good except for signals over 9+20dB start to sound a little distorted. The rig will drift in freq for the first 5min or so then fairly stable. I was using it on a boat where the temp reached 110F until things were opened up, then came down to 90F. Never got a bad report for modulation. As long as your signal is over the noise level they will understand you. I would buy one again. 73 George

From: Ed Blake KD2MDS
I own the MFJ-9420 radio for QRP operation at home with a basic dipole antenna and have worked stations all over the US from New York with no difficulty. Very simple and easy to use. I recommend it. KD2MDS

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